Tap Scanner – Scan to PDF App

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Tap Scanner – Scan to PDF App

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Easily convert your files to PDF

Tap Scanner – Scan to PDF application for Android This application is one of the most popular applications that convert images to pdf files. There are many images that contain texts that we want to collect in one file so that it is easy for us to print it, and many students and company owners are looking for an application that works You can convert images to pdf so Tap Scanner – Scan to PDF is the best app for this purpose.

Tap Scanner – Scan to PDF app for Android

This application converts all images into a pdf document, as it is easy to use, simple, and smart, and also through it you can scan pictures or books through the phone’s camera so that you can easily save documents or upload them to Google Drive, and it also works to save all documents and files on Google Drive So you can easily return to it anytime you need it.

All people who used to write files manually until you print them and convert them into a document can use this application, as it is one of the best applications that copy documents quickly instead of working manually. With the development of technology and progress, we found such applications that save documents in pdf format Within a few minutes, this application is used by all students and office owners who print documents and files, as it facilitates a lot for them.

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The Tap Scanner – Scan to PDF application scans all your photos with the camera and converts them to pdf in minutes. This application also works on modifying and editing images. Images can be cropped and rotated to one of the four directions. The quality is clear, and there is an adjustment in the font in the images. You can change the font size, change the font color, or put headlines or subheadings in the texts that you want to modify with ease.

This application is easy to use, as it has an easy and simple main interface that you can deal with from the first time after installing this application on your phone, where you can modify the files before printing them, so you can add an image, remove an image, or change the locations of the pages, and you can also number and divide the pages. It gives you complete freedom to organize your documents and files, and within this application there is a backup feature for all that you save inside it so that you can return to this copy if you lose the original copy at any time, as it saves this copy on Google Drive, so do not worry if you lose any copy of your documents.

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Features of the Tap Scanner – Scan to PDF app latest version

  • This app is a document and ID card or QR code scanner.
  • This application modifies documents before printing them.
  • You can make a document from all written images and convert it to pdf in just a few minutes.
  • This application works to modify the images and remove all the noise in them so that they are clear, high-resolution images.
  • It outputs documents in PDF or PNG format with high quality.
  • You can arrange, evaluate and edit documents with ease from within this application.
  • This application extracts the texts in the images and converts them into PDF format so that they can be printed.
  • This application supports many languages, the first of which is the Arabic language.
  • This application compresses files and reduces their size while maintaining their accuracy and clarity.

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