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3.7.6 Android 4.4 and later
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This application is a cloud storage application.

Tera Box application for Android This application works to clear the internal space of the phone, where all phones after using them for a long time are exposed to double the storage memory due to the many files, pictures, videos and applications that we download on the phone, and there are also some things that we record on the phone and save and forget Its order after a time has passed on it, which makes the phone fill up quickly and we do not know how to vacate the space, this is an application that makes you clear the accumulated space that you do not know anything about inside your phone until you store the things you want again or take pictures and make videos or download new applications and games it is an application Perfect to make it easier for you to solve all the space problems that you are facing on your phone.

Tera Box app for Android

This application works to free up the phone space and clean it completely, and it also allows you to store everything you want on it so that you do not again press on the phone’s internal storage space, so you can store photos, videos and applications inside this application, as it does not give you a specific space to store things on it, but you can download Anything inside it without restricting you to a certain space, and this application works to save all applications or files, images and videos that you save on it, and you can put a password on it from the outside so that no one can see it.

Inside this application, there is a backup for all the purposes that you put on it, so if you lose any of the things that you keep on this application, you can restore it through this copy with ease. You can also put all the huge files and large applications inside it, as the capacity The internal storage of this application is large, up to 1000 GB and more, so you can store many videos, photos, documents, applications, and anything you want with ease.

Tera Box app for Android

You can use this application by logging into your account that you use on all social networking sites easily, so you do not need to create a new account until you enter this application. This application also allows you to run all applications, images and videos from within it. It also organizes all images and videos in specific files. Instead of putting them in one place and having difficulty accessing anything you want, you can also share all your photos and videos with your friends through this application or publish them on the social networking site with ease instead of entering the internal photo and video gallery of your phone.

This application also contains an easy and simple main interface that you can deal with after installing the application on the phone. All you have to do after installation is register your account, and then you enter all the things that you want to transfer to this application and work to export them to it in a simple way, as it is an application Easy to use with no complications.

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Tera Box application features latest version

  • This is a free app that does not require any subscription or pay-to-download fees.
  • This application can clear the phone’s internal space so that it does not fill up and negatively affect the phone.
  • There is a large space on this application through which you can put anything inside it, up to 1000GB.
  • This application is characterized by saving all the purposes that you place on it in order to protect it from theft and penetration.
  • There is a backup feature in this app so if you lose anything you don’t have to worry about you can get it back again.
  • Despite the internal space of this application, it does not require much space to download it on the phone.

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