The Ghost – Co-op Survival Horror Game

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The Ghost – Co-op Survival Horror Game

1.0.49 Android 4.4+
evaluation 401 | 3.3
Ghost, suspense and fun game

The Ghost – Co-op Survival Horror Game, Download the game The Ghost for Android direct linkThe game is about receiving daily treatment with friends at New Wishlie Hospital two weeks ago, and today was the right time to get out of the hospital, but something happened, I woke up at two in the morning and found out that all the patients were gone, except for you and your friends, and this is what will We talk about it in the following lines, followed by our esteemed visitors.

Download the game The Ghost for Android direct link

  • In this game the place seems to be more muddy and it is closed!
  • She reads in magazines about the hospital and it turns out to be haunted.
  • Now it seems the only way to escape is through the garage door.
  • Will you be able to escape by the time the ghost devours your soul?

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Download The Ghost – Co-op Survival Horror Game

  • After downloading The Ghost game for Android, direct link, you will discover that Emily and Lily are teachers and best friends.
  • They live in a small house in a town with almost no residents.
  • It was a Sunday, and they used to visit the cemetery together.
  • Only this time, for certain reasons, Emily felt she would be better off staying home.
  • So I decided to stay home.
  • Emily looks out the window, and sees a strange creature crawling after her sister. The next day, after Lily’s absence, she runs to the school for help.
  • On her way to enter the school, the school’s main gate closes behind her.
  • Now trapped inside the school zone, the next thing you notice are the students who are struggling to survive.

Game features

  1. You can review the number of downloads through the rating list so that you can download as more than 10 million players have played through the Google Play Store.
  2. It has been appreciated by many players around the world.
  3. This is so that they can use more than one feature within the game.
  4. Thus, you can become one of them and join the world of horror and action inside The Ghost Apk that is constantly being developed and updated so that you can take advantage of a lot of various features.
  5. And you have to be very careful so that you can win the game and that the ghosts don’t catch you and run away and kill you.
  6. Where you have to escape from the ghost in the scary game that includes a lot of menus and tools that help you to overcome many difficulties.
  7. And through this game in which there are more than one ghost who wants to kill you so that you can perform the tasks in a special way.
  8. By living carefully, you can take advantage of more than one feature so that you can survive within the unique game and through the task that you have to overcome in order to be able to accomplish the task in a great way.

The Ghost game for Android

  • You can enjoy playing the game and by suitable for everyone who loves horror.
  • Where the game is in the classic games section and through the existing objects and through the movie or series that you can coordinate through the game.
  • This game is especially suitable for many players to be able to use a lot of features and horror lovers.
  • Where the game contains scary shapes, haunted houses, empty streets, and complete darkness.
  • With this new game that is constantly updated so you can challenge your fears in a unique way by pressing the download button.
  • And then you can download the game directly through the street.
  • Where you can use more than one feature within this wonderful game, and it has won many different likes and downloads, and it is and will remain a free game.

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How to download the game

  • You can download directly from the link below the article and see this terrible ghost that kills everyone around you and you have to escape in order to survive.
  • And through this type of games that are available in the store, you can download them directly.
  • You can easily download the game from the link below the article
  • Where you can through these games and features in the game so that you can take advantage of a lot of advantages.
  • Where you can perform many tasks in the game through a lot of various features in the game.

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