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This application enables you to transfer money simply, it makes you better.

Urpay application for Android This application is one of the famous applications of Al-Rajhi Bank, as this bank provides many banking and banking services to all customers, which makes it the only well-known bank in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is used by the client into funds. This wallet also has many services that facilitate many things for you in dealings and various means of payment. It also has many local and international capabilities. You will enjoy many services in this electronic wallet, so you can use it now.

urpay app for android

This wallet is characterized by complete safety, because it is one of the banking services provided by Al-Rajhi Bank, which all customers trust, as all services provided by Al-Rajhi Bank enjoy complete security and protection. It is not possible to transfer any money or make a purchase through this wallet except after the customer registers the code The wallet and this code is sent to the phone number from which the registration was made, and this application is confirmed and trusted by the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia.

All customers who want to transfer their points from Al-Rajhi Bank into money through this digital wallet can first download this application and enter it and specify their location and then enter the valid phone number and identity, then this application sends a verification code to the phone Then the customer enters this code and then registers a strong four-digit password that no one knows, then he selects the source of income and the amount of income, after that he clicks on the reward points on his page, then Al-Rajhi selects these points and converts them to Funds on this wallet successfully.

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Download the urpay apk app for Android with a direct link

This application is a digital wallet provided by the well-known Al-Rajhi Bank in Saudi Arabia, which is trusted by all customers, as it provides many services, including this wallet, which facilitates many things for the customer, and all customers can spend their monthly salaries through this province instead of going to Banks every month and the loss of time and effort in waiting, and there are many services within this wallet through which you can pay many services such as gas, water and electricity bills, as well as the internet and telephone bill.

It is also possible to transfer money to any customer who uses this wallet or receive money through it, and the phone balance can be charged from within this wallet and the internet package can be renewed and online shopping from within it. It is a comprehensive wallet for all the purposes that you use in your life. It is known that Al-Rajhi Bank has many Services Among its services is the activation of this application, which facilitated many services for customers.

Features of the urpay application, the latest version

  • This application is one of the safe applications, as it is universally accepted.
  • This wallet can be transferred through Al Rajhi Bank.
  • You can transfer any amounts to it from any Saudi bank card.
  • International and local transfer is available from within this wallet.
  • It is a free wallet without any annual or monthly subscription.
  • It has an inquiry team to talk to when any problem occurs.
  • This wallet is a competitor to many other services and cards.
  • This wallet is downloaded for free without paying any subscription when downloading.

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