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Weather Home

2.16.12-weather-home Android 4.4 and later
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This application enables you to know the weather conditions in a way that is suitable for everyone.

Weather Home application for Android This application is through which the weather is known, as there are many people who are interested in the weather and constantly monitor the weather condition so that they are not surprised by anything unexpected, especially in the winter season, because this season fluctuates constantly and is not stable, so it can suddenly rain or Torrential rains and sand or snow storms happen, so many people care about the weather, especially business owners who roam around in many places according to the nature of their work. This application must be on their phones so that they know the weather daily.

Weather Home app for Android

This application is one of the applications that works to predict the weather, as it gives a detailed report of the place where you live. If there are sand or snow storms, heavy rains, or torrents, it warns you several hours before the occurrence of these storms. It works on all Android phones, as this application works on Giving you very accurate forecasts that inform you of the weather and warn you when there are any severe storms in the winter or inform you of the state of the sun and the extreme temperature in the summer, and this matter is not at the same time that you are searching for the weather but gives you a forecast for the hours of the day and the entire night.

This application sends an alert to you when the weather changes so that you do not go out on this day and get stuck anywhere. This application is also characterized by its ease of use as it has an easy and simple main interface that you can deal with. It is an ideal application that should be on your phone now.

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The Weather Home application works to provide confirmed weather forecasts, and this application also alerts you about emergencies that can occur throughout the day so that you are not exposed to any risks while you go out to work, and this application also warns you about bad weather conditions daily before they occur, as it It is useful to you at times when you want to travel or go to a far place, as it gives you a detailed report on the weather conditions, day and night, so that you do not encounter any emergency problems at any time.

This application works to update the weather conditions in a continuous way throughout the day so that you are not surprised by any storms in your day, and this application is needed by all people who drive the car on highways and desert places, as it gives them a detailed report of any weather fluctuations for this day and night as it shows them harsh and sunny weather Or give them a report on humidity, snow or sand storms, and there is also in this application knowledge of the weather conditions throughout the week, as it gives you complete statistics about the weather day and night and determines what happens by changing the weather in real time, and it also works to know the temperatures and warns you about them every hour and changes What happens to the temperature and how it will become throughout the day.

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Features of the Weather Home app, latest version

  • This application featured a detailed report on the state of the weather and weather fluctuations throughout the week.
  • This app is free to download and does not require any payment or subscription fees.
  • This application displays the local weather forecast, specifying the location and the place in which it is located, so that no sudden weather hazards occur.
  • This application displays the weather and sends some clips that show you how the weather will be.
  • This application updates the weather continuously so that you can depend on it throughout your day and night without causing any disruption to your day because of the weather.

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