Workout Planner by Gym Life

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Workout Planner by Gym Life

1.0.82 Android 4.4 and later
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This application is considered one of the best applications that enable you to enjoy sports and entertainment.

Workout Planner by Gym Life application All people need a gym so that they can build their body and have an athletic body shape, and there are also people who need a gym in order to get rid of excess body fat and sagging that makes their shape older than their age and they cannot wear clothes that suit their age, Also, there are people who have diseases and need to reduce their weight so that this disease does not increase on them, and mostly everyone is lazy to go to the gym continuously, but with the Workout Planner by Gym Life application, you will enjoy the gym while you are in your home with ease, this application has all the features that The trainer can offer it to you in the gym, and even more so you can enjoy these advantages now and not waste time and effort when going to the gym.

Workout Planner by Gym Life app for Android

You can now join the Workout Planner by Gym Life application, which is used by more than a million people. It is the best application that makes you do all gym exercises at home in order to work on building your muscles. It also has weight lifting sessions and cardio sessions, as it is like a gym that is with you at home and when Trying this application, you will find many exercises and recorded videos of the most famous gym trainers in the world, and you will get impressive results for your body and reach the weight you want, as it is an excellent application.

This application creates a table for you inside it when you record your weight and height, it determines the ideal weight that you should have, and this application also introduces you to exercises that make muscles prominent and strong like famous boxers. exercises that suit you.

Download the Workout Planner by Gym Life app for Android

This application creates lists that help you to reach the ideal body in the fastest time, as this application also works to develop a plan that you must follow in order to reach the body you want, in the beginning you must wake up from sleep and walk a certain number of hours or run according to what The application determines it for you, and then this application works to give you a diet that you follow in the day and you must follow it, then it gives you a period of time in which you follow some exercises through the videos that the application suggests to you, so each person is according to his weight and age.

There are also exercises within this application for people with diseases such as those with heart disease, diabetes, or obesity, as it determines for each person the appropriate exercises for him, by recording all these things within the application. And the diet that you follow in order to reach what you want in the fastest time.

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Features of the latest version of the Workout Planner by Gym Life app

  • This application is free and does not require any payment fees when downloading.
  • Inside this app are over 400 different exercises.
  • You can keep your workout history and routine plans in this app so you can come back to them at any time.
  • You can share the exercises you do through your social media and pages.
  • This app creates a plan and schedule for you to follow until you get where you want to go.
  • You can learn about running sessions and enter the race until you reach the ideal weight.
  • More than a million people have downloaded this app and the number of analyzes is still increasing day by day.

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