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YouGov Android 4.4 and later
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This application helps you to earn money smoothly.

YouGov application for Android, through this application, you can earn money and increase your income, by entering the application and registering your personal account, and then working to survey your opinion on celebrities, artists, athletes, or other interesting topics, this application is one of the best applications Which many people use in opinion polls in order to earn money through it, because it is a completely safe application that encrypts your account and no one recognizes it, and no one can hack your account through this application, because the developers of this application are always working on continuous updating and permanent encryption of data users so that they are always safe.

YouGov app for Android

This application works on surveys submitted by people, and then rewards these people through gifts and financial rewards that they gain through it. The world works to protect your privacy and does not collect any information about the user, and this application is characterized by many features that make you trust it with ease, and the first of these features is the transfer of rewards and gifts that reach you when you survey immediately and without delay.

This application is similar to many other opinion poll applications, but it differs in the poll itself, as other applications can depend on targeting specific topics, but this application polls many things such as artists and famous people around the world, so it can be interested in political and sports people and also follows interesting articles It is interesting and famous and polls about it, as it polls opinion on many matters and does not target anything in particular.

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You can enter this application by registering your personal account on it, and then you will find an easy main interface that you can deal with from the first time without any complication. Gifts and rewards When the survey is completed, this application also works to set a certain limit for the surveys, and when you reach the minimum limit, you can ask the application to send you rewards, and that is through Paypal, and you can also withdraw your reward through gift cards.

This application is characterized by many factors that make people prefer it over other opinion poll applications, and the first of these features is the protection of privacy, as there are many applications hidden behind certain purposes, but they are in fact hacked applications that steal your account, access it and control everything in it, so people did not trust me Any application unless it sees complete security and protection of its privacy, with this application you will get complete security and encrypt your account so that none of the hackers can reach it.

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YouGov application features latest version

  • You can earn from this application through certain things that you do, such as inviting people you know to this application, and then you will get a reward of 4000 points for each person who registered in this application.
  • You can register other accounts in this app and you will earn 2000 points on each registered device.
  • This application is completely safe. It does not require you to register personal data, but rather asks you to identify the websites that you subscribe to in order to obtain information about them only.
  • This app has been downloaded by many people from all over the world and this shows how popular it is.
  • This application entered the British ballot, and this is another indication that this application is completely safe.

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