Airborne Motocross – Bike Race

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Airborne Motocross – Bike Race

1.0.13 Android 5.0 and newer
evaluation 17 | 3.6
One of the games directed to motorcycle racing fans

Airborne Motocross – Bike Race is one of the strongest and best games aimed at motorcycle racing enthusiasts. It is developed by KAMGAM, as it tells the bike race in a realistic way, and within a short period it was able to reach a large audience from all over the world and from all age groups.
Also, the game Airborne Motocross – Bike Race has been developed and updated to suit Android devices, as motorcycle racing in it is completely different from other racing games.

Because the motorcycles here are supported by gliders and suspended in them mainly, and therefore they will spend a lot of time in the air and not as usual on different roads, in addition to that in the recent versions of the game a “nitro” was added, which works to enhance the gameplay and increase the speed of the players, which gives excitement, fun and suspense And continue to play

Features of Airborne Motocross – Bike Race

The game has been rated as one of the best and most important motorcycle racing games of the current year, as it is full of action and speed and is completely different from other games
In addition, you can engage in many tasks and challenges in different and varied environments, with the ability to enter into strong competition between the best and most skilled players in the world, ensuring that you enhance your racing skills and win them all.

But you must be careful, especially if you are playing entirely in the air, as there are many obstacles in front of you and many players’ bikes and different tracks, so you must continue to play intensively in order to develop your own skills and know the players’ movements
The game also contains a lot of completely new vehicles and grades that are completely different from other games, in addition to that, with each completion of a mission or challenge, you will be able to completely unlock and obtain the vehicles that suit you or that suit your way freely.

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ALL-NEW RACES Dash through the tracks and race against others to win items and blow up obstacles with the rocket launcher that’s basically built into the motorcycle, but don’t forget to protect yourself with the force field that surrounds you with gravity-defying, jumping, flying and other important things you can do in order to reach to the finish line faster
You can now use your different items to speed up your motorcycle, but you must earn enough skills in order to reach the leaderboard, especially if there are the most professional players around the world.

Explore the roads

Don’t rush the game, never take your time to explore the inner paths or follow the map which eventually leads to hidden treasure.
You can combine custom items to access new areas and use them to overcome obstacles, unlock new paths and solve some physics puzzles along the way.

What’s new in Airborne Motocross – Bike Race

The game now has a lot of completely new tracks, with the addition of a lot of challenges and tournaments
Also, the game now supports “async PvP” multiplayer, so you can play with your friends at any time and engage in many challenges with them.
The addition of many completely new languages ​​such as: Russian, Chinese, French, Spanish and Portuguese
Solving many problems and bugs in previous versions with the addition of “Create the ability component, lost connection dialog, tutorial”
Some improvements and enhancements to the game’s performance in order to fully enjoy it

Airborne Motocross – Bike Race game features

The game has many features through which it has become in a short period of time on the list of the best racing and motorcycle games, thanks to these features:

  • The game is completely free and does not require any fees or subscription
  • The game comes with lots of challenges and missions from easy to difficult
  • The game is suitable for all age groups
  • Airborne Motocross – Bike Race contains graphics at the highest possible level, with the addition and development of a lot of internal details, which give a lot of realism to the game.
  • It also has a lot of sound and visual effects
  • The game works without the need to connect to the Internet, so you can continue playing anytime and anywhere

If you are a fan of survival games as well as racing and motorcycle riding games, you are now with one of the best and most enjoyable modern games, which is the Airborne Motocross – Bike Race game, which you can download now through our website apkxi

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