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AirDroid Remote Support Android 4.4 and later
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This application enables you to control another phone remotely with ease.

AirDroid Remote Support application for Android This application works to control another Android device through your device remotely simply. Control all the purposes on the phone, and through this application that connects the Android phone to another phone remotely to protect its privacy, you can use this application with ease and work to fix any problem or malfunction that occurs in your phone through this application.

AirDroid Remote Support app for Android

This application works to help you connect with another Android phone, and this phone can control your phone remotely if it is communicated with it through this application, and this application is designed to help you access all the purposes inside your phone if any malfunction or problem occurs in it. It helps you solve it as soon as possible. You can also use this application if you have a private phone and a phone at work. You can connect the two devices to each other through this application and control the other device remotely.

Through this application, you can also control your phone if any problem occurs in it. You can deal with your screen and receive calls and messages so that you can talk to customer service and solve your phone problem as soon as possible. It is a great application that has many features that you can use to connect two working phones. Android system and control any phone from them remotely.

Download the AirDroid Remote Support app for Android

This application connects two Android devices to each other through this application so that you can control the other phone remotely at any time. If a problem occurs in this phone, you can control this phone through your partner’s other phone. No one knows it or anyone else sees it, as it is an application designed for technical support when any malfunction occurs in your phone so that you can solve this problem as soon as possible.

This application works to help you communicate quickly between you and your partner in order to provide you with easy and fast ways to find an actual solution on your phone, and you can also use all applications or the screen or answer incoming calls or make contact through your partner’s phone so that your partner can understand the problem and help you In solving it in a quick way and gives you suggestions that benefit you, you can also send pictures or send voice messages or conversations to your other partner so that he knows the problem and helps you quickly and communicates with you, it is a great application that makes you control your phone if a malfunction occurs in it at any time.

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Features of AirDroid Remote Support latest version

  • This application is completely free and does not require any payment fees when downloading.
  • This application connects the two Android phones to each other so that you can access any of them if there is any problem with it remotely and communicate with your partner.
  • The other device must have the AirDroid Remote Support app on their phone so that they can communicate with you and link the two phones together.
  • This application connects the two phones by sending a 9-digit code that appears on the other phone. This number is registered, and then the two devices are connected to each other.
  • You can create a voice call, control your phone screen, photos or chat through the other phone.

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