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v4.06 Android 4.4 and later
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This app helps you to monitor battery and charger quality.

Ampere application for Android Have you ever seen a USB cable charging your phone fast and another charging slowly? If this happened to you after purchasing the cable, you can discover this matter before purchasing through the Ampere application, which works to monitor the quality of charging, battery and charging speed, and informs you about the performance of The USB cable that charges your phone and whether it fits with your phone or not, and whether it charges quickly or not, all of this is explained to you by this super application before purchasing any new charger, and this application also shows you a lot of information about the temperature and condition of the battery and whether it works well or has any No problem, it shows you everything about the battery so that it doesn’t suddenly shut down and won’t work anymore.

Ampere app for Android

This application measures the temperature of the battery, it also works to identify the charging cable and whether it is compatible with your phone or not, and whether it charges its battery quickly or slowly, it includes all things that happen with the charging and discharging battery, and it also shows you all the applications that work on consuming The battery and charging are fast and it introduces you to some of the things that you do in order to reduce the consumption of these applications for charging, but you must pay attention before activating this application on your phone or reading the list of devices that do not fit with this application in order to make sure that this application is compatible with your phone and explains to you all matters related to charging and battery.

All you have to do in this application is to enter the main interface of the application, and after a few seconds it will show you the power of charging or discharging, and it will inform you about the USB cable and whether it is compatible with the type of your phone or not, as this application is characterized by many features that you need to know whether your phone battery is Works fine or has any problem.

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This application works to know the speed and quality of charging your phone, it also works to know the temperature of the phone and also makes you know the speed of charging the phone or the speed of discharging, and whether there is damage to the battery or its condition is good, and this application also gives results of charging such as the remaining time to fully charge the battery or the time The remaining to discharge the charge from the battery, as it knows you the remaining hours so that your phone does not disconnect from charging suddenly, and also this application gives accurate results in the appropriate charger connection with your phone so that the phone battery is not damaged due to chargers that do not fit with it.

This application also works to know the applications that consume a lot of charging and the applications that have no benefit, and it also offers many features that make your phone keep the charging pilot for a longer period, it is really an ideal application that knows you about all the results of the battery and shows you its condition before it suffers any damage and stops suddenly And your phone doesn’t work after that.

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Ampere app features latest version

  • This application is completely free and does not require any subscription fees when downloading.
  • This application works to give accurate results in battery, charging or USB connection problems that do not fit your phone.
  • This app shows you which apps are consuming charge quickly and harming your battery.
  • It knows you if the phone temperature is high and shows you some solutions so that it does not rise again.
  • It measures the charge in milliamps, and it also works to know the remaining hours to finish charging or the remaining hours to empty the battery.
  • This application is completely safe and compatible with all Android phones.

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