Books for Kids

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Books for Kids

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This application contains curricula for children, so it is very cool.

Books for Kids application for Android This application is one of the best educational applications that you can use for your child in the foundation stage before going to school, as it works to establish the child in the English language as it contains many different books suitable from the age of two to 11 years, it is an application Integrated with a complete encyclopedia, a library full of educational books in the English language so that your child learns the basics of the English language before going to school.

Books for Kids app for Android

This application is an educational application for children in the foundation stage, so you can teach your child the basics of the English language through this application, and it is known that the English language is difficult in education for Arabic-speaking children because it is not their mother tongue, but they must be established in this language because it is the second language after Their language is Arabic, so when you start with your child to establish the rules at a young age, the rules take root in his mind and he learns them quickly and does not tire you after that in the stages of his education.

If you want a complete and comprehensive application in the English language in teaching the child in the pre-school period, you can download the Books for Kids application on your phone, as it is unlike many similar applications, as it is the first and ideal application in teaching the child the basics and grammar of the English language in the correct way, as it It contains many books suitable for children from the age of two to 11 years, you can follow your child with this application also after entering school, and this application is constantly updated and new books and educational curricula are added so that it includes all books related to the English language so that your child is familiar with his approach You can also follow your child and know the books he will study next year so that you can start with him before the start of the school year so that he is superior in language and maintains his curriculum.

Download the Books for Kids app for Android

This application features many books on English language curricula for the stage of establishing the child before entering school, and the books inside it are characterized by the fact that they contain some drawings, games and different animal shapes so that the child does not get bored while studying, as it presents the educational curriculum in a way that makes children happy and makes them enjoy while studying and memorizing it Quickly, it is really a perfect app that every parent can try out for this app.

This application also contains a section in math so that your child can learn the basics of sports in the English language so that he is familiar with it before going to school, so every mother must follow her child before he goes to school so that the child does not find difficult and complicated matters for him, so he must follow them at home first and start with them Step by step until they learn the basics of the English language smoothly.

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Features of the Books for Kids app, latest version

  • This application is completely free and does not require any payment fees when downloading.
  • This application is a comprehensive library that grows day by day with new books and wonderful activities so that your child does not get tired of studying in specific books only.
  • Inside this application there is a reading experience for the child so that he can pronounce the language correctly.
  • Within this application there are the rules of the English language that the child must learn in order to establish himself in the language and be strong in it.
  • More than 85% of the books are based on real educational stories, games and pictures so that the child will not get bored with them.

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