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Captain Claw Runner apk

0.2 Android 5.0 and later
evaluation 169 | 3.2
A version of the original Claw game modified for phones

Download Captain Claw Runner for Android, the most famous adventure game, with a direct link, for free from Apkxi. Now you can once again enjoy the famous Claw game on your smartphone, and have endless adventures with Captain Claw. The Captain Claw game is one of the oldest and most famous games with a history of more than 20 years, as the first version of the game was launched in 1997 for Microsoft Windows systems only, and after the game achieved many successes in terms of the number of downloads or revenues since then until now, the game has been relaunched To work on other platforms, such as Android and iPhone systems. Here we offer you the direct download link for the game for Android devices Captain Claw Runner apk.

Download Captain Claw for Android apk, with a direct link, for free

Download Captain Claw Runner apk, which is one of the versions of the famous Claw game for Android devices, in Claw format. The game is 2D and revolves around an anthropomorphic pirate cat, who is the protagonist of the game, as she goes on a quest to find amulets while fighting enemies and solving puzzles.

Downloading Captain Claw for mobile is simple; It is a light game that does not require any special capabilities to install or run and does not need game acceleration programs. It also comes in a small size and does not consume system resources. In addition to the ability to play without an Internet connection

Download the Claw game and play the role of the main character, become a heroic pirate and recover what the thieves seized, and confront armed enemies and eliminate them.

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The story of the game

Captain Claw apk is one of the best traditional action games, and it is a two-dimensional game that depicts a struggle between cats and dogs.

The story revolves around Captain Claw, a anthropomorphic cat. A number of dogs hijacked his ship and imprisoned him, but he managed to escape from prison after confronting armed monsters guarding all entrances and exits.

Here begins the journey of Captain Claw – the main character in the game Claw – in search of the nine gems, an ancient amulet that will give him eternal life. On his journey, Claw meets many obstacles in different places, starting from the forest, where he faces a gang of thieves and defeats them, then the port, where he finds part of the lost gems, until he reaches Tiger Island and fights Red Tail and his crew, where he defeats them and gets the rest of the amulet gems. As for the last gem, he gets it after defeating the commander of the Tiger Guard, called Omar. Finally, Captain Claw puts gems on the base of the princess statue to show her spectrum and grant him 9 lives.

The gameplay of Captain Claw Runner apk

Captain Claw mobile game offers a simple battle system with 2D graphics. The main weapon is Captain Claw’s sword, in addition to explosives (dynamite) and some other weapons. You can use punching and kicking moves when you are close to the enemy. You will also find the magical talisman “Magic Claw” as one of the tools that you can use to fight enemies and get gems

. You can refill weapons, explosives with bullets and dynamite boards as you progress through the game levels and collect certain numbers of points, while getting loot, spells and extra lives, especially in difficult areas that you need to jump high to reach, or reach them through magical portals.

At the end of each level, the player obtains a piece of the map or a gem from the amulet after defeating the boss that possesses it. The odd-numbered levels give you map pieces, the even-numbered levels give you a gem, except for the thirteenth level, which gives you two gems.

At the top of the window you will see the amount of coins you have and the money you have earned while playing. You also find your energy, and the number of attempts you still have available.

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Features of downloading the game Captain Claw for Android apk:

Downloading the Captain Claw apk download game allows you to enter a world full of entertaining adventures, in a familiar classic atmosphere similar to old electronic games. Among the most important features of Captain Claw Runner apk for Android:

  1. The game is free to download and install.
  2. Captain Claw is one of the old games that got a lot of popularity due to many additions and features.
  3. A simple, traditional fighting game for all ages, with an exciting and entertaining storyline with simple and expressive graphics.
  4. The idea of ​​the game is unique, depicting fighting between cats and dogs, while introducing some puzzles to make it more interesting.
  5. The gameplay and controls are simple and straightforward without any complications.
  6. Variety of weapons to carry out combat missions easily, with the possibility of jumping, kicking, and climbing stairs and walls.
  7. Presenting many events and adventures that are full of excitement and action.
  8. The game includes many ambushes and traps to trap you, which creates an atmosphere of excitement, fun and caution.
  9. Countless treasures of gold and silver, as you will find them hidden inside wooden boxes and in other hard-to-reach places.

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