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Captain Tsubasa

5.4.1 Android 4.4+
evaluation 36 | 3.6
A competitive football simulation game that embodies the character of Captain Majid

Captain Tsubasa : Dream Team is a competitive soccer simulation game that is popular in more than 150 countries all over the world. This game will make you build your own unique dream team using your favorite players, in order to compete against many players. around the world through decisive matches.

Download Captain Tsubasa game for Android

The game Captain Tsubasa (Captain Majid) is one of the simulation football games inspired by the famous series (Captain Majid) in his upward journey in the world of football, which has spread widely in our Arab world and is taken from the Japanese series (Captain Tsubasa), which had a great impact on Many international game stars as well as many players representing Japan, now you can have fun with the many users who have downloaded this game, in one of the competitive and fun soccer games.

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Features of Captain Tsubasa apk mobile game

The Captain Tsubasa game or the Captain Majid game contains many features, as you will find that the game when you download it to your device will not cause it any technical problems, in addition to the special skills that accurately represent the story of Captain Tsubasa, as Captain Tsubasa’s skills are diverse, in terms of quick shots and skill Hyuga (Tiger Shot) and many different special skills that are accurately inspired by the original story, in addition to the distinguished visual effects in terms of the 3D image that will make you interact with the game with all your feelings, in addition to the sound effects in terms of the voice of the commentator and the cheers of the spectators.

All you have to do is enjoy the original story again by setting the appropriate scenario for you, also you should enjoy the new Rising Sun series, as there are also many new story series for the game that are not published in the comics, and there is also an online mode Diverse to play with fans of Captain Tsubasa, who took his fame and is known in the Arab world as (Captain Majid), as well as at the level of all parts of the world.

Also within the game there are group matches in which players can compete freely in groups of up to 32 players, and do not forget friendly matches in which you can enjoy friendly competition and training with friends and club colleagues with free rules, and there is also a system of instant matches as it is Even beginners can enjoy competing with ready-made teams.

There is also a team formation feature, which can use all the players, formations, and skills of your favorite teams in order to strengthen the capabilities of your team. You can also teach and train players in order to improve their performance and level. You can also teach them the special skills of similar and professional players. Also, do not forget that there is a scenario and images for player development through which you can improve the maximum ability through the field of skills, and that you must develop unique strategies by using the players that you have developed and trained in order to challenge your competitors with the best performance and level in football game.

Also, what distinguishes this game most is that it has a non-accelerated gameplay, as you will have to decide which move you will make each time during your confrontation with your competitors, and each move you will make will cost you some of your energy, as each player has some points Strength and weakness according to the competitor they face.

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How to download the game Captain Majid for mobile

To get the best way to download APK Captain Tsubasa (Captain Majid): Dream Team, the distinctive football game inspired by the famous series (Captain Majid), which runs on the Android system, through our website, you must follow the following steps, which is to go to the direct download link in the article, and then By clicking on it, and it is only a few seconds, you will find the game on your phone, and then you can use it immediately, and share it with your friends

Also, this game is compatible with all phones that run on the Android system, and it does not need any special data in order to install it on your mobile phone, and it is also assessed that it is suitable for all age groups, and do not forget that in the event of any error occurring during the download process, please contact With us, also do not forget that the game is free and you do not have to pay anything in exchange for downloading it to your mobile phone.

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