Car Mechanic Simulator

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Car Mechanic Simulator

2.1.40 Android 4.4+
evaluation 6 | 3.2
A distinctive idea among car games on mobile

Car Mechanic Simulator is a simulation game for Android devices that has been designed by Digital Melody Games, and since its launch it has gained a large number of fans and has been rated as one of the most addictive and satisfying simulation games.

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The story of Car Mechanic Simulator apk for Android; About a prisoner who was captured by a secret organization and kept in a room, and when he woke up from his coma, he found himself in a dark place filled with the smell of oil and machinery, but it turned out that he had to sign a contract with this mysterious organization to help them repair their car for a period of time in exchange for the safety of his family and who Then take the key, need screws and tools

Thus, your main task within the game is to repair and upgrade the best performing cars, and then bring them to the most advanced levels and make the cars completely professional.

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Game download features Car Mechanic Simulator apk 2022 for android

The game developers have worked on adding and editing countless features and characteristics, the main purpose of which will be to make the game more fun and realistic and provide everything they look forward to.

Among the most important and prominent features of the game Car Mechanic Simulator are the following:

Play as a professional mechanic

As we mentioned, the story of the Car Mechanic Simulator game has become interesting because it is completely different from other car driving simulator games, but the essence of the game is to turn you into a mechanic who is tasked with repairing and upgrading cars for customers.

So when the mechanic shop opens, customers come to collect their cars. Therefore, you must receive service requests, diagnose problems, and fix them in order for your car to work properly. Of course, you will be able to repair these parts, or you can choose to replace them if they are no longer working properly.

Lots of fun puzzle elements

Car Mechanic Simulator 21 is a fairly detailed and realistic simulation game. As it relates to the elements of puzzles such as finding problems, solving car malfunctions, and providing solutions in a different way, in addition to the many other technical aspects.

So if you are a qualified mechanic, you will handle this game faster. As the game is based on virtual reality so you will have to disassemble the car to check each part and find the damaged spark plugs to replace them.

How do you repair cars in this game?

If you are a beginner and have no experience in car repair, you can still play Car Mechanic Simulator 21 and develop your skills.

As the game offers a professional workflow, in the beginning you will receive orders from different customers and then the car will be checked briefly using the diagnostic machine, after that you will continue to disassemble the parts to find the part in question and in the end you must fix the malfunction that you will see or buy a new part to replace and install it and do your job.

Not only that, but some errors may occur, which will decrease your rewards and experience, but you will always have the opportunity to correct the errors.

Make cars like new

Players will see an ugly-looking car that is delivered to the garage, and then the first priority that any player wants will be to remove the layers of dirt stuck on the exterior of the car, and then after cleaning, the exterior paint will be damaged and lost, so you will have the complete and necessary tools to deal with it, and after completion you can see Progress when the spots turn white

Then the next stage will be more difficult as you have to consider replacing parts with different levels of durability. And you will clearly see many of the interior details through the different viewing modes. Specifically, you will see an overview of the interconnected partitions, and the damaged partitions will become more prominent than others.

In addition, there are separate parts of the car that will help you see it clearly, as the yellow element indicates that it is a repairable part, and at the same time you will remove the damaged part and install a new part.

In the event that you do not have spare parts in your warehouse, you must purchase new spare parts with the money you have.

You will definitely be able to additionally since you can save money by purchasing only the essentials

Upgrade your workshop

Car Mechanic Simulator 21 offers you different development workflows that will help you reduce the effort involved in servicing your car. For example, you can upgrade your diagnostic device to work faster and more efficiently, even then if you can’t check for brake or tire failure. Moreover, it can also upgrade some tools which will help you to disassemble and repair more other auto parts.

Of course, when you upgrade something it improves performance and therefore this is essential because your customers only wait for a short time so if you run out of time and you don’t they will leave and you won’t get paid. Therefore, reducing the time for manual inspection or replacement of parts will meet customers’ requirements.

When you multitask, customers come to your workshop more. You need to expand your workshop to serve more customers.

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