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1.0.4 Android 4.4 and later
evaluation 11 | 3.5
This amazing game is one of the best unparalleled perfect games.

Fans of suspense and adventure, today we brought you a direct link to download the ChimeraLand game for Android through our website. It is one of the games that takes you to the wide world of monsters that contains all the diverse creatures and the aquarium. What makes this game more interesting is that when you enter it, you have one of the planets that you have to explore through the sea and land. It is an experience full of adventures, as it tests your abilities through which you can use various weapons. And do many attacks that keep you alive.

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The game is a sandbox with a large size, in which you can not be surprised to find some iconic actions of building construction. And crafting for weapons, as this enables you to simply live your character. The game lets you choose whether you want to live on the banks of the Nile or live on the slopes of the mountain. Through this game, you can decide the fate of the characters according to the decisions you make at all times.

You can also through this perfect game to defeat a lot of monsters that appear on your way, as you will have some options that enable you to keep parts of them for yourself. Then you will be able to collect legendary beings that will accompany you in many battles in real life. The game allows you to simply change the character that accompanies you around your planet.

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Through this perfect game, you can change a lot of skills and try some new features. You can also control all the warriors from around the universe. Through this, you can use your stick to control one direction at the same time. On the right side of the screen, there are many actions and buttons in front of you that will help you to complete all the missions and carry out many attacks. As you can ride the distinctive horses, they will take you from one side of the map to the other side very quickly.

You should not forget about the inventory in the game as you can store all the items that appear to you. From them, you can choose which creatures you want to feed your character and restore energy to. This is what helps you to craft weapons and swords. This game does not take you into battles against one person. Rather, it takes you into battles against a large group of monsters, where you can hunt, cook and harvest various goods in order to prove that there are a lot of things that you need in order to succeed in that magical world.

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ChimeraLand game features

This wonderful game has many features, including:

  • In the game, there are many weapons and buildings that you can move around and simply fight against enemies.
  • The game contains many monsters that you have to fight and get rid of the enemies in it.
  • The graphics in the game are very distinctive, and it gives you the perfect experience of realism and distinction.
  • The game has many perfect sound effects that let you enjoy it.
  • In the game, there are many weapons that you can choose from, which helps you fight enemies, no matter their real strength.
  • The game also has great sound effects that you must enjoy in order to have a good time among all people, as it is perfect.

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