Clash of Beasts: Tower Defense

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Clash of Beasts: Tower Defense

1.0.35 Android 4.4+
evaluation 5 | 2.6
A wonderful action and fighting game with legendary monsters in exciting fantasy worlds

Download the amazing action game clash of beasts apk, a very fun fighting game created and developed by the leading French company Ubisoft Entertainment, which has provided many games that have gained great popularity and followers all over the world, clash of beasts ubisoft is an original game for all devices and phones Android and iPhone, it is a completely original game, offering an exciting fighting experience with monsters and mythical creatures with great graphics, and a unique PVP gameplay.

Download clash of beasts tower defense for Android with a direct link

Download clash of beasts ubisoft Or Monster Clash, an action-adventure and role-playing game in PVP mode. The main idea of ​​Clash of Monsters is to collect monsters and mythical creatures, tame them and use them in battles against enemies. You have to form your team of fearsome creatures with superpowers and abilities that you must develop their skills and abilities, in order to be able to face the other players, who are your enemies in the battles of clash of monsters.

You will defend the tower, which is your base in clash of beasts mod apk, and at the same time you will go out to face and fight your enemies in PvP battles in many locations, with the help of monsters and creatures that you tamed and trained in your base for a legendary clash of beasts in a very exciting atmosphere Excitement, fun and imaginative play environments make this game even more amazing.

Collecting gold and gems, which is the main currency in the game, will be an important and primary goal in order to upgrade your base and cannons and get powerful monsters to attack the bases of your enemies.

You will also have to defend your stronghold and repel the attacks of enemy monsters while collecting gems, maximizing the strength of your fortress and towers. Also, you must train your monsters to their maximum strength in order to be able to use them at any time.

Remember also that winning in Clash of Beasts depends on your ability to conserve your resources, balancing speed between upgrading your fortress and training your monster; In anticipation of raiding enemies that have a strong fortification at any time. Make sure to raise the abilities of your monsters to their maximum level, because their skills will help you a lot in protecting the towers and facing and blocking attacks at any time.

The story of the wonderful action game clash of beasts review

progress Legendary monster clash game clash of beasts ubisoft An elaborate defense strategy that combines traditional RPG, action and adventure games, with a fantasy setting.

Enter the world of legendary beasts in Clash of Monsters, where you will be a mercenary captain in Veren, an enchanted land populated with legendary beasts in a fantasy open world.

You will follow in the footsteps of Lara Malorn, your mother, a mercenary leader who was known throughout the land. Gideon Morvus has attacked the land of Vyren and killed your mother, which will prompt you to seek revenge and defeat Morvus and prevent him from taking control of the ancient being Shivara.

clash of beasts guide and strategy gameplay

You can control 65 monsters in all parts under your control. Collect, train and experiment with a variety of all their unique classes to fit your combat strategy. You will unlock more legendary monsters as you progress through the game to become the Beastmaster.

You will use the gold and gems you get to summon monsters, and you can also combine more than one monster together; To generate other more powerful beings.

You will also have to build towers, even more than ten towers to form your defensive base. Each tower will have its own unique attack skills, effects and attributes.

Remember that you can lend and borrow monsters from other players online if you need help.

You can start building the towers and move them as close as you like. Your tower complex is your base for fending off enemy monsters, so try to build and upgrade them as soon as possible.

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How to increase gems in the game Clash of Beasts

Gems and gems are the currency of Clash of Beasts. You can get more gems in clash of beasts game as follows:

  • Store use: Where you can get gems from the game store.
  • VIP Categories: You can get more gems by advancing in the VIP categories.
  • Completing daily tasks: You will get rewards when completing daily tasks, which are a number of gems.
  • Achievements List: You can get gems through your achievements, which you will find in the “Achievements” menu.
  • Login Reward: You will get gems from login rewards within clash of beasts apk, such as monthly login reward and new player login reward.
  • Completing Story Quests: You will also get gems when you complete some story missions and quests, which you will find under the Quests – Story Quests menu.
  • Use clash of beasts codes to get gems

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Clash of beasts mod apk features

The free fighting game Clash of Beasts Tower Defense Apk for Android offers many great advantages in the most powerful and interesting action and role-playing game:

  • A fighting game with amazing skills and abilities, using monsters from four different classes that you can choose from.
  • Hundreds of legendary creatures, you can unlock more than 65 monsters for powerful battles. Also, you can discover many new species in clash of beasts mod apk.
  • Online multiplayer feature with your friends. Your friends can join your battle or you can join theirs.
  • Exciting PvP combat battles for more excitement.
  • You can create your own guild or group or join other groups.
  • High-quality graphics with great graphics in all parts of the game, which makes it more attractive.
  • High-quality and accurate sound effects to give you a complete realistic experience, as if you were playing for real.
  • Ubisoft’s Clash of Monsters for Android is a free game with all its great features. You can also download and play it on all Android devices.

Download Clash of Beasts: Tower Defense and become the Beastmaster in the world of Beasts and Titans of Earth.

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