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daily diary

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This application enables you to write your notes easily and smoothly, as it is wonderful.

Daily Diary application for Android If you want to take daily notes or write secrets and things that you do not want anyone to see, you can use the Daily Diary application, as it works to save all the things that you write down inside it or save photos and videos on it and lock it with your own password so that no one can see it One of the intruders knows your secrets and interferes with your privacy, it is a completely safe application that does not ask you for any accounts of your own until you trust it and know that it is safe, and it also works to secure all the writings that you write in it or pictures and videos and saves them from any penetration, so you can try this application now And keep your secrets to yourself.

Daily Diary app for Android

This wonderful application works to write down your notes or makes you keep your photos and videos, it works to save your privacy from intruders, and this application is distinguished by that it informs you about the mood in which you are, through the written writings that you write inside it, so it knows if you are happy Or sad or angry, as this application works to bring out all the feelings inside you. With the pressures of life now, conflicts occur within us, and we cannot tell them to anyone, so the application acts as your friend at this time until you tell him what is inside you through writing.

Also inside this application there is a daily notebook in which the day and date are recorded in which you write anything you want, and you can also make this notebook for notes, whether they are notes in your studies or in your work until you return to them at any other time, and this application is characterized by the lock on it so that it does not look On the writings or pictures and videos that you put inside this application, any intruder, you can keep all his privacy on him now.

Download the Daily Diary app for Android

This application is one of the easiest applications that you can use to maintain your privacy, you can keep your memories or write down anything that comes to your mind before you forget it, or you can take daily notes that take place with you, whether it is in study, at work, or in your daily life , You can also keep your personal memories on this application from the eyes of curious people, and you can also use a password or use a fingerprint or a face print until you work to lock the application and no one else can open it, so you can choose any of these locks as you want.

There is also within this application a mood tracker, as it explores your feelings and shows you whether you are sad, happy, or angry, and also adjusts your mood. You can also keep the plans that you will implement in your studies or in your work through this application so that no one else knows them. There is also a reminder for the important days inside it, or it reminds you of the day on which the plan you wrote will be implemented so that you do not forget this day. All you have to do is write down all your thoughts inside it, or your personal photos and videos.

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Features of the Daily Diary application, the latest version

  • This application is completely safe, by protecting your personal diary using a password, fingerprint, or face print.
  • You can add personal or important photos and videos, or memories that you don’t want a prying person to see.
  • You can retrieve the memories that you saved on this application at a long time, by typing its name in the search bar located in this application.
  • This application is free and does not require any payment fees when downloading.
  • This application does not work with the internet.
  • This application is devoid of annoying ads.

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