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This app helps you to control your time and money simply.

You can download the Data Monitor application for Android that helps you monitor data and monitor traffic consumption, in addition to that it allows you to track what you have spent on a network procedure and control all your expenses, as it is one of the applications that not only helps you control your time, but also helps you to Control your money, because it accurately calculates the speed of traffic consumption, so you are always aware of all the places where the Internet has been spent through the phone, and aware of all the applications that consume the Internet the most.

Data Monitor app for Android

The Data Monitor application helps you to control the use of the Internet so that you do not overpay a lot of money by using the Internet in many applications that consume a lot of data unnecessarily, as the application provides a set of analytical tools that help you track all conditions related to the use of the Internet, for example The application sends a notification in the event of a traffic breakdown and thus the Internet is disconnected instead of unwanted connection, in addition to that the application helps you to know which applications consume a lot of phone data unnecessarily.

The application helps you to set limits about your internet usage by setting the maximum limit that you can use, so if you want to do something specific, such as using a specific application that needs to connect to the Internet, or a specific game, you can limit the Internet usage of that application, or that game so that it is not allowed The application enables you to exceed the limit that you set. The application is considered one of the free applications that are compatible with many mobile devices. The minimum version that the application needs is 4.1.

Download Data Monitor apk for Android

You can download the application by using the direct download link below, and then you will be taken to the main page to download the application. You must click on the download button and wait for the download to complete, then after that you must click on the Install application button, which works on Install and activate the application on the phone successfully, and after opening the application, the application will request a set of permissions so that you can use the application in an easy way. You must agree to all these permissions, and then you can enjoy all the features provided by the application.

After downloading the application, you will notice that the application has a very easy user interface that anyone can deal with without facing any problems. Users all over the world, as the application not only helps you save time, but also helps you save your money by controlling the use of the Internet service.

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Data Monitor application features latest version

The application has many features, the most important of which are the following:

  • The application is characterized by the fact that it helps you calculate the speedy and accurate traffic.
  • The application provides you with the ability to control which Internet service you can use for a particular application or applications.
  • The application presents all the information in the form of a graph proportional to the traffic consumption.
  • The application helps you to know all the applications that consume traffic and limit these applications so that you can save more data.
  • One of the most important features of the application is that it has a very simple user interface that anyone can deal with.
  • The application is free and does not charge you any fees when downloading it.

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