Diet food – calculating calories

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Diet food – calculating calories

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This application enables you to accurately measure the calories in food.

Diet food application – Calorie calculation for Android This application is a complete guide to calculating calories for all types of food that you eat in Egypt and elsewhere. It calculates these calories very accurately, and also informs you about the appropriate amount that you should eat from each food so that you do not exceed this quantity and increase your weight. This application also works to follow you in the diet on a regular basis, as it walks with you step by step like a diet doctor, It is an ideal application that has many advantages that you can rely on in the diet and not go to the doctor and waste time and effort. All you have to do is follow the plan that he sets for you until you finally get a positive result.

Diet food app – calorie calculator for Android

The Diet Foods App – Calorie Calculator is a comprehensive program for calculating the calories in all the meals you eat, most of which are Egyptian meals. It also contains a list of Algerian, Saudi or Tunisian meals and other meals that you can eat. It also introduces you to the calories in energy drinks. It is an ideal application for everyone who follows a diet because they want to know the calories in each food so that they regulate the number of calories set for them so that they get an impressive result in losing weight, losing fat, and obtaining an ideal, fit and taut body, so this application is the best for them because it introduces them to all of these things, as he follows you in dieting constantly.

This application is easy to use, so you can deal with it from the first time because it has an easy main interface in which there is no complication, so you can calculate calories on this application with ease, and this application also works to follow up on people who want to gain weight, and there is a special section for them that knows them The right food for them and the plans that must be followed in order for their weight to increase appropriately and not to accumulate fat and excessive obesity in their body, as it works to follow them in a healthy way and build the body in a nutritional and healthy way.

Download the Diet Food App – Calorie Calculator for Android

This application calculates the calories found in all Egyptian and other foods, as the use of this application is easy, as it contains five sections from the inside, and these sections are lists of all foods and calories for these foods, and there is a special section for energy drinks And soft drinks, and this application also works to calculate the energy contained in different foods and foods, and gives you a lot of information about the diet and provides you with tips for weight loss and fitness.

You can calculate all calories through this application, for example, if you want to know the calories in eggs, then click on the Egyptian breakfast menu, it will show you all the foods suitable for breakfast, and in it you will find eggs of all kinds, whether boiled or fried eggs or otherwise, and in front of the eggs You will find the amount you should eat, the number of calories in each type, and the calories you should eat from each type, so you can use this application now to maintain your weight.

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Diet food application features – calculating calories, the latest version

  • This application is free and does not require any payment fees when downloading.
  • This app offers you to count the calories in all the different foods and drinks.
  • You can know the details of calories in certain foods in a very easy way.
  • You can quickly access a specific food by typing its name in the search bar at the top of the application page.
  • You can use this application without connecting to the Internet.
  • Within this application, there are some activities that you can do to burn fat and increase energy, such as housework, or running and walking, and exercises of all kinds.

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