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Disney Mirrorverse

0.20.1 Android 9 and later
evaluation 3 | 4
Action and role-playing game

Disney mirrorverse It is a 3D action role-playing game developed by Kabam Games, Inc. Set in the all-new Disney world, players will assemble teams of famous Disneyland characters to battle the dark forces of evil.

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Download Disney Mirrorverse game for Android

There is always a new story to discover while playing with tons of missions and endless challenges

Experience the excitement, action, and actual combat with access to a huge arsenal of weapons, as well as developing special strategies for the team, building alliances with friends, enhancing your special capabilities, and also finding the best groups in order to top the list of the best players in the world

Disney Mirrorverse game story for Android

Two stars collided long ago, and as a result, a changed world was saved. Hidden supernatural forces filled with the darkness of evil women, and the world became threatened by hordes of enemies that would never be defeated.

Thus, your main task is to unite players in order to form a team of well-known Disneyland characters to fight together while entering into epic quests to defeat the forces that seek to destroy women

You can now choose from a Draconic MagiVicent, some types of armor, powerful characters, and a number of other Mirrorverse partners.

She owns every character in the Disney Mirrorverse game Powerful and special attacks and unique abilities are completely designed to combine with each other when needed through the different team roles with one primary goal, which is to achieve the maximum possible ability to defeat the enemies

In the Disney Mirrorverse game, you can also progress and enter countless levels while topping the list of the best players and winning countless rewards and prizes.

Characteristics of the game Disney Mirrorverse for Android

You can enter the Disney Mirrorverse game for Android and discover a whole new world based on development while playing. In addition, the game contains many countless features such as:

Game modes for everyone

Disney Mirrorverse There are many challenges for looting and also some other time-restricted missions, with others that contain many dangerous dungeons that you are about to discover now.

Experience the excitement, combat, skill, and prove your fighting skills now, while controlling each character separately, building alliances, and many other fun things

Explore Disney World

If you are a fan of the Disney world, then you are in the Disney Mirrorverse game, which is the most powerful game ever, where you can experience a new story that reflects the shape of the famous Disney and Pixar characters with tasks and challenges that you have not seen before.

Enter a world full of excitement and suspense from Disney characters that have been working on recently in order to amplify them and provide fighting options and multiple abilities in order to enable them to defend the system of injustice in the world

Create your own team

You can in the Disney Mirrorverse game In order to unite your own team of Disney and Pixar characters, and then enter a new world rich in many realistic 3D details.

In addition, the strengths of the main characters have been developed in order to suit this universe full of dangers, so you can discover those skills and abilities of them with a lot of options to upgrade their levels in the advanced levels.

Real and exciting fighting environment

Experience the unparalleled action and suspense of Disney Mirrorverse And fight with your own team

In addition to assembling a team of at least 3 people and then controlling every second of the gameplay along with a lot of individual and strategic actions and some special attacks

Uncover epic missions

Unlock many unique challenges and skills, fight the fiercest enemies, and then restore the worlds of female characters once again after being corrupted by dark magic and the forces of evil, while obtaining many rewards and valuable prizes

Dangerous dungeons

There are many women’s dungeons that have to be explored and also collect valuable and multiple artifacts

Continuous releases and challenges

The developer of the Disney Mirrorverse game Android is constantly providing updates in order to create and provide new chapters experience for Mirror Story

And also to create continuous challenges between friends and players around the world while providing prizes with the aim of competing between them for more fun, excitement and suspense

Features of downloading the Disney Mirrorverse game for Android

  • It comes completely free of charge, and you can download the Disney Mirrorverse gamefor Android through the links on our website apkxi
  • The game contains a lot of challenges and adventures that can be discovered
  • You can play without the need to connect to the Internet, thus enjoying the contents of the game anytime and anywhere
  • Advanced graphics and animation based on artificial intelligence whose primary role is to make the game more realistic than ever before

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