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One of the best battle, fighting and action games

Disorder, download the Disorder game for Android with a direct link, this game is one of the best war games, users are always looking for the best war games, and as we can see today, PUBG Mobile is dominant in all games, not just without being used by millions, what do you think we tell you Today about this giant piggy-like toy.

Disorder game story

Disorder is an exciting project with high-quality graphics and an online game mode. This game project is very similar to popular games like PUBG and Fortnite, where players will need to fight each other in real time and try to prove that they are the best in their field.

Explanation of the game Disorder

Here, from the very beginning of the game, you will need to choose one of the characters available to you, who will be responsible for a certain role in the game, and then go to the battlefield with his team to try to defeat everyone.

It is worth noting that you will move around the most diverse locations, find fighters, kill them and pick up items with them, and become stronger and stronger.

But you should be very careful, because your enemies are real people who also want to win, and they will try to do everything for this. Also, each of the heroes will have their own unique abilities that can be pumped and made even more powerful.

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Download Disorder game for Android with a direct link

If you like a post-apocalyptic world where you need to interact with the rest of the survivors, then this next game from the developers of NetEase – Disorder – was invented especially for you.

After downloading the Disorder game for Android with a direct link, this will allow you to find yourself in the near future (in the year 2030) in a world that has recently suffered from a catastrophe.

About downloading the Disorder game for Android

You will find yourself in San Francisco, where you have to team up with four other survivors to fight and survive.

You will also have to collect resources that can help. You can download the Disorder game for Android with a direct link for free on our website at the bottom of the article.

Disorder gameplay

Since this type of warfare within the game belongs to the action games, you have a large number of different battles, and you will control the character in which you will use the virtual joystick.

The joystick to move and move is located on the left side of your smartphone screen, and on the right you will find a button that allows you to shoot and reload your weapon.

The game has four characters to choose from. Each of the proposed characters has their own characteristics and weapons, and they are useful in different ways in the new post-apocalyptic world.

Once you choose a character, you have to unite with other survivors and continue to fight for life: to participate in battles and collect resources such as ammunition, game currency and nuclear energy.

Normally, the main objective of these games is to simply destroy all enemies, but in Chaos, the situation is somewhat different:

Here you will not only have to destroy all the dangers in one specific location, but also move around the map completing tasks that will be available in other parts of the city.

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Disorder game requirements for Android

  • The gameplay requirements are low, so there will be no problems with installing Disorder on your smartphone.
  • The operating system must be at least Android 4.2.
  • It will also be necessary to activate the “Unknown Sources” function in the settings.

If you do not want to spend a lot of time searching for resources, you can download the hacked version of the game on Android in APK format.

The latest version of the hack contains everything that was in the original version of the game.

But besides this, there is a positive difference – in the hack you have an unlimited amount of money.

So you can improve your weapons and whether other items of equipment at any time.

Features of downloading the Disorder game for Android with a direct link

  • A fairy tale game that contains many weapons that you will enjoy a lot.
  • It has 3D HD graphics
  • The game has many great features, especially since it is an action game.
  • It contains many plans in which you can fight the battles.
  • It contains many characters that you can try in the game.
  • You will start playing Disorder and you will be involved in all the battles that you will have.
  • When you start the first stage, you can change if you get bored in a number of stages.
  • This game contains many modern weapons in the game, heavy machinery, pistols, as well as tanks and missiles.

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