Dream League Soccer 2021 Mod Al-Ahly

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Dream League Soccer 2021 Mod Al-Ahly

8.13 Android 5.0
evaluation 2782 | 3.3
A great soccer game that you will enjoy greatly

Dream League 2021 game Mod Al-Ahly, Dream League Soccer 2021, Download the game Dream League 2021 Mod Al-Ahly for Android with a direct link, Dream League Soccer 2021 is a great soccer game, build a dream team and sign the best players for your team in Dream League Mod Al-Ahly, and play a successful football career or face Online players, develop your team and your football stadium.

What is new in the Dream League 2021 game, Mod Al-Ahly?

Compared to the previous part of the Dream League game, a lot of additions and improvements have been added to the game, to get a new and full of excitement as you are used to Dream League Soccer games, and we will now explain some of the additions that have been added to this version:

  1. Update players and their abilities when searching for and contracting with them.
  2. Significant improvement in players’ performance in matches, play and celebration.
  3. Show more details about the players and add thousands of pictures of the players and put them in a beautiful frame.
  4. A new batch of upbeat music tracks that play in the background.
  5. Play in special seasons to get trophies for your club.

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Download Dream League Soccer 2021 Mod Al Ahly

after Download dream league game 2021 Mod Al-Ahly Dream League Soccer You will get a lot of excitement and fun, and it is a very beautiful game in which you create your own team from scratch, by playing in many matches to achieve the championship, in the career you will have to do many things besides playing and winning matches such as :

Manage your team and players:

  • It is one of the most important things before the matches start, choosing the line-up of players on the field, and including some reserve players if necessary.
  • Decide who takes set pieces, and add physical therapy classes to increase players’ abilities.

Buying new players:

It is necessary to add several strong players to your team, several players will be offered to sign directly from the transfer list, or you can deal with scouts who are looking for quality players at affordable prices.

Develop your club in several aspects:

Each team in the game has its own stadium. The development of this stadium has many options, such as developing the training department and medical center, increasing the capacity for more fans, and many others.

Compete in matches against players online

  • You can also play football matches against players online, and a player will be randomly selected to face you in the match.
  • A graph is displayed representing the results of the previous matches you played online.
  • There are also many multi-day challenges in which many players around the world compete.
  • There is a leaderboard section with the most match wins.

Play an exhibition match to test your skills

  • Exhibition matches can be played at any time even without an internet connection, as you will meet a random team every time you start a new match.
  • In exhibition match you can test your soccer skills.
  • Once the match is over, another match will start as you wish, and before the match starts you can make some adjustments to the squad, as well as choose the color of the clothes for your team and the opposing team.

Game control skills training

  • There is a special mode in the game to practice controlling skills in the game, in the training mode you can start free training without an opponent to learn how to pass, shoot and others.
  • The type of training can be changed to learn specific things like free kicks, corner kicks or penalties.
  • You can also enter the tutorial mode to explain the basic commands to control attack and defense.

Multiplayer within the local network

  • Dream League Soccer 2021 Mod Al-Ahly supports the local multiplayer network, which is a mode that allows you to play and compete against a friend close to you who plays with, for example, the Zamalek team, which is the traditional rival of Al-Ahly club in Egypt.
  • By connecting to the same local Wi-Fi network, one player creates a new game while the other searches for it and joins it, and this mode is very convenient for enjoying meetings with friends or family.

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Customize your team options

  • You can make some modifications to your team at any time, such as modifying your team’s logo, changing its look, primary colors, and more.
  • You can also modify the shape and colors of the players’ clothes, such as shirts, socks, shorts, and many others, in addition to the ability to change the name of your team that will appear in tournaments and matches.
  • Finally, you can modify the trainer’s face shape and clothes to look their best.

Real-time game control commands

  • You need to learn how to skillfully control the players on the field, when the match starts, several buttons will appear on the screen.
  • On the left side there is a circle to control the movement of the selected player in all directions, and on the right there are three buttons A, B and C.
  • The functions of these buttons differ in the case of attack or defense.
  • On offense, it is used for low and high passes and shooting.
  • Used in defense to put pressure on the opponent, change the chosen player and skate to cut the ball.

Features of downloading the Dream League 2021 game, Mod Al-Ahly

  • Play and compete in soccer matches in a cool and professional way.
  • Great gameplay, graphics and music improvements.
  • Starting a professional artistic career and building a dream team from scratch.
  • Hire new players and strengthen your team.
  • Upgrade your team’s stadium to get more revenue.
  • Play in online competitions with random players.
  • Compete in the local network with friends in a beautiful way.
  • Simple controls while playing real matches.

How to install and download the Dream League 2021 Mod Al-Ahly game

  1. Download the APK file and the OBB file.
  2. Unzip the OBB file, put the firsttouchgames.dls.folder on the path Android / obb.
  3. Play the game.
  4. Surely after trying the game you will get addicted to it, what are you waiting for now? Download Dream League 2021Mod APK by clicking the download button and share it with your friends.

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