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6.19 Android 4.4 and later
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This app turns your phone into a video camera and connects to all websites easily.

DroidCam webcam application for Android This mighty application works to make your phone a camera through which you can access all the sites on social networking, and you can also convert your old phone into a camera so that you can communicate with your friends or relatives abroad, as it has many features that can be You can use it, as this application works on the work of the front camera in seeing people, and it can also be used in live broadcasting, and this is by connecting this application to the computer through a Wi-Fi network that connects between this application and the computer, or it can be linked between them through a USB connection It is an application that offers many features, so you can take advantage of its features now.

DroidCam webcam app for Android

You can use this application and turn your phone into a camera to see what is going on on any social networking site, so you can make it a spy camera that can access all the pictures or videos or see the contents on any site you want and this is done by connecting this application to the computer by A USB connection or linking two devices apart through a single Wi-Fi network, it turns your phone into a surveillance camera that captures anything in front of it and records it for you live broadcast, as it is a global and popular application all over the world.

You can also spy on any place you want to go to, but you have doubts about this place, so you can know a lot about this place with direct pictures and videos, by connecting your device to a computer or another phone so that you can access the pictures and videos in a very simple way to find out what Going around in this place and whether it is safe or not.

Download DroidCam webcam app for Android

The DroidCam webcam application is one of the best applications that has wide popularity around the world. It is a free application that contains many easy features that you can benefit from. It turns your phone into a surveillance camera, a vision camera, or a live broadcast so that you can see your friends and relatives. Abroad, or you look at any social networking site and what is going on inside it of publishing pictures and videos or otherwise, and this application also works to photograph the places you want to go to before you go so that you know if this place is safe or not, it is an application Gigantic has gained great fame and has been downloaded by many people all over the world.

This application is characterized by ease of use, as it contains an easy and simple main interface that you can deal with from the first time without any complexity or explanation, all you have to do in this application is to connect the device to another device via a USB connection or link by connecting to a single Wi-Fi network You can also connect a computer to a smartphone or vice versa, as it is an easy and simple application, and one of the most important features is that it does not contain a watermark, so you will definitely like it.

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Features of the DroidCam webcam app latest version

  • DroidCam is a giant webcam application that has a large library of countless features.
  • You can turn your phone into a surveillance camera so that it captures what you see in front of it with high-resolution photos or videos.
  • This application makes you control the quality of images and videos, as it outputs HD quality video and also broadcasts 720p.
  • This application is completely free and does not require any payment fees when downloading.
  • This application is distinguished by the simple, easy main interface that is devoid of any complexity.

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