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Easy Retouch

1.0.2 Android 4.4 and later
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This application enables you to modify the images that you download from the Internet.

If you want to modify any image that you have taken or downloaded from the Internet, you can download the Easy Retouch application for Android with ease, which helps you to modify any image that you have photographed in a professional manner on all the images that are on the phone, as the application contains many tools that allow You can modify the images in a distinctive way, as it provides you with tools that are only found in large and professional programs, such as Photoshop, which many users prefer to use; Because it works to modify the images because of the distinctive tools in it.

Easy Retouch app for Android

The Easy Retouch application provides you with the ability to remove any object, appearance, or mark on the image, which is not desirable, or if this mark is not in the right place, or distorts the shape of the image and you want to get rid of it professionally, and for that you want to modify the image by Use a program that helps you maintain the beauty of the image; Because you do not want to cause any damage to the quality of the image at the same time that you want to hide anything that was distorting the beauty of the image.

Through the application, you can get rid of any mark or blemish that is inside the image by clicking on it and selecting it, and then removing it manually very accurately. All you have to do is select the thing that you want to remove, and then the application removes it in a professional way, in addition to It provides you with the ability to remove watermarks from the images that are found in the images that we upload via the Internet, such as adding a name inside the image that is transparent and almost does not appear, and these marks represent a reference to the site that edited the images

Download Easy Retouch app for Android

You can easily download the application via the direct download link below, after which you will be taken directly to the application, download it and install it on the phone; So that you can enjoy all the features of the application, the most important of which is to get rid of any writing on any image that you download from the Internet, as the application rids you of any texts on the images professionally as if they were not originally on the image, in addition to that the application helps you remove Any facial blemishes, scratches, wrinkles or cuts that make the photo inappropriate.

The application is considered one of the most important applications that contain a lot of tools and features needed by any beginner who wants to edit an image and beautify it professionally, as the application does not need a person with experience in dealing with images. All you have to do is download the application and use it, and it will help you to Edit all photos professionally.

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Features of Easy Retouch latest version

The application has many features that made many people download the application and install it on their phones, the most important of which are the following:

  • The application helps you to professionally edit your photos, as you can edit your photos, whatever their format, by deleting anything on the photo.
  • The application is characterized by ease of use, as it does not require people with experience in dealing with the application, as any beginner can use the application with ease, and modify your photos professionally.
  • The application has received a very large number of downloads, which exceeded more than 500 thousand downloads.
  • The application does not require high operating requirements, as you can use it on your phone with a RAM capacity of only 1 GB, and an Android version starting from 5.0 or more.

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