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3.04 Android 4.4 and later
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This application helps you to create shortcuts on your phone screen, it is great.

Edge app for Android This application creates a shortcut on the home screen for all the things you want quickly, such as photos, videos, applications, or even names that you always need. It also does not affect the phone or the battery charge, it is completely safe on the phone and does not make it slow or heavy after downloading it, it is suitable for businessmen or people who work through their phone always, so you can try it immediately and enjoy all its features now.

Edge app for Android

This application creates a shortcut for the purposes that you use on your phone always, so if you are a business owner and always use the WhatsApp application or talk to your team at work, you can create a shortcut for all the contacts that you use within WhatsApp on your phone’s home screen so that you can always reach them with ease, or If you create a lot of notes on your phone, you can create a shortcut for the notes application on the home screen so that it is in front of you and this application works without affecting the phone’s battery or charging, as it has nothing to do with the termination of charging or has any negative effect on the phone, as it is light and makes the phone work quickly.

You can create the applications that you use frequently and open them quickly through the floating window that this application puts for you on the main screen of your phone. You can add any social networking application or any other application that you want to open quickly. You can also add important days through this floating window. The time and day in which you recorded it on the application, and it also informs you about the remaining days every day on this important day on the phone screen so that you do not forget this important day.

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This wonderful application through which you can create a shortcut on the main screen of your phone so that you can use it quickly or remind you of any important day. It works when the specific time that you activated comes, and this matter makes you never forget to drink water because it is known that water is important to the human body, especially people who follow diets and maintain their health, everyone forgets water, especially in the winter, so this application works to remind you of it always.

There are many advantages within this application, so you can create a shortcut for any application, image, video, contact, or a specific time that you want to remind you of, and there is also a compass and four directions. It is a very powerful and easy-to-use application from the inside. The floating window you want appears on your phone screen.

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Edge app features latest version

  • This application is completely free and does not require any subscription fees or monthly payment when downloading.
  • This application creates a shortcut to any object, application, contacts, photos or videos on your phone’s home screen so that you can quickly access them.
  • You can record an important date or any important day like Eid Al-Fitr
  • Or Eid al-Adha or something else, it will remind you
  • application this day.
  • This application is easy to use, as it features an easy and simple main interface that you can deal with from the first time without facing any complications.

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