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1.10.2 Android 4.4 and later
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This app helps you get rid of important data when your phone is stolen.

Eradoo application for Android This wonderful application works on formatting the phone if it is lost or lost from you, and this matter is by locking it by sending a message to the phone number, and this application will be able to read this message and scan all pictures, files, documents, videos, and everything on the phone, and it also works on Deleting your email or bank account, this application makes the phone return as new, there is nothing on it, it is really an ideal application that should be present on all phones, so you can use it now.

Eradoo application for Android

This application is a remote control tool for your lost or stolen device, you can download this application on your phone in advance and enter a message on it with a specific phrase so that if you lose the device you send this phrase to your phone number and this application will control your phone Remotely, you can find it and know the location of your phone, or you can lock the device or delete all the data on it, or your personal and bank accounts so that no one can use it and lose it.

Also, a person can work for the phone to ring or scan in order to locate and find it as soon as possible, this application is a large group of security that must be present on your phone because we are always exposed to this problem always, so we must protect the phone so that we do not lose accounts We have a personal or bank account, or we are subjected to blackmail because of the personal photos and videos on the phone, so the remote format application works to format everything inside the device so that we are safe.

Download the Eradoo application for Android

This application has many features that distinguish it from similar applications, where an alarm can be triggered inside the device so that an alert sounds when the phone moves from its place so that we protect it from theft and not lose it, and we can also lock the phone remotely by using a preset password that works On locking the phone when we send a message to the phone, we have already written it inside the application. When this application reads the message, it works to lock the phone, as it erases all the data on the device, and erases all contacts, call history, and messages, so it breaks the phone and returns as it was new from the factory.

This application can also determine for us the location where the phone is located until we find it, and that will be automatically after the loss of the device in a short period, and also we can determine the distance in which the phone is far from us so that we can issue an alert when someone steals it, and we must enter a backup phone number until We send the message to him if anyone removes your SMS card, and you will receive all the data in your phone automatically when the thief puts another SMS card, and then this application will send you the location of the phone and you can control it remotely.

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Features of the latest version of the remote work application

  • This is a completely free application and does not require any payment fees for downloading.
  • This application is characterized by the easy main interface that we can deal with from the first time without complication.
  • This application works to control the phone remotely if it is lost or stolen from us, so that we lock all personal or bank accounts, and delete all the things on the phone.
  • This application works on formatting the phone and makes it return as it was new from the factory.
  • This application has been downloaded by many people from all over the world due to its wide popularity among all similar applications.

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