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1.3.7 Android 4.4 and later
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This application enables you to improve the quality of the images and make them look better.

Freepik application for Android This distinctive application works to download images from any site or from social networking sites with high quality, as this application works to give you many different formats through which you can download images with the highest quality, high accuracy, and clear and pure graphics, because this The application makes you customize the size in which you want to download the image, and it also works to download the image directly to the phone’s storage, and you can also customize albums from within this application in which you put important images together or your favorite photos, so you can customize several albums that put in each album images dedicated to it It is a unique application. We advise everyone to have this application on their phone.

Freepik app for Android

This application works to download all the images with high accuracy, by searching in the Google application on the image that we want, and we copy the text of the image and paste it on the Freepik application, and this image will appear to us in a quick way, and then we download this image in the quality, size and space that you want, and you can also Save the image you like by long pressing it, and several options will appear for us. We click on Download, and it will download very quickly to the internal phone clipboard.

This application also works to help all people that register in YouTube channels or bloggers in some sites or all people that are interested in montage download all images from this application because it helps them to produce images in a better way, with high accuracy and clear vision, as it is characterized by many features That helps them publish better pictures, and this application also helps them to take thumbnails of the videos that they publish on their YouTube channels or various sites in a simple, high-resolution and clear way, so it can be used now and benefit from its features.

Freepik app download for android

This application downloads many different images with high accuracy and clear vision, and this application facilitates the use of thumbnail images from the videos, and these images are clearly visible, unlike the images that we take from within the videos, which are blurred and unclear, but this application works to check the video and output The image is of the highest possible resolution and quality, so you will see a clear image as if it was actually captured and not taken from a video.

This application can also be used in an easy and simple way, as it contains an easy and uncomplicated main interface that everyone can deal with from the first time, so you do not need to know how to use this application or explain it. All you have to do is log in to this application and it will open directly with you and use the search indicator so that you can download any image you want in a simple and fast way.

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Features of the Freepik application, the latest version

  • You can upload many photos with the highest quality and clear resolution.
  • You can download the images to the phone storage directly, and you can also download different background images, logos, or notifications.
  • You can capture thumbnails of your YouTube channel videos in a clear and high definition view.
  • This application has an easy and simple interface that you can deal with from the first time without complication.
  • There are no problems that you can see in using this application, as it is fast on the phone and does not make it slow.
  • This application is completely free and does not require the purchase of images with sums of money, but offers them for free.

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