hidden camera detector

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hidden camera detector

17.0 Android 4.4 and later
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This application enables you to detect the hidden camera in the place simply.

You can download the Hidden Camera Detector application for Android easily, as it is an excellent application that can detect if the place has hidden cameras through infrared rays, and sends notifications to your phone informing you of the presence of hidden cameras in the place, as it analyzes the magnetic activity, if the magnetic activity is similar to the existing camera At the location the application will warn you until you know the location of the hidden camera.

Hidden camera detector app for Android

The hidden camera detector application for Android is a free application that detects hidden surveillance cameras inside the walls, in the ceiling, or inside any electronic device. It is the best application that can detect any camera wherever it is located, even if it is hidden. Hidden in the room of this hotel, you can use the application to make sure that there is no camera in the room, in addition to that you can try the application inside your home before you use the application in a practical way, as the application works in a very simple way.

Before using the application, you must turn off all the lights, then press the Start button inside the application, then pass the phone to the place where you suspect that there are hidden cameras, and if the application detects the presence of any hidden camera, it will start to issue a sound like an alarm sound with the appearance of a group of Red dots, and this indicates that you are under the surveillance of a hidden camera, but if the phone screen has a blue light and these red dots do not appear, this indicates that there are no hidden cameras, and you are safe.

Download hidden camera detector app for Android

You can download the application easily by using the direct download link that is located below, which takes you to the application directly. After clicking on the link, you will be taken to the download page, then press the download button and wait for a while until the download is completed, and after the download is completed, click on install word Until the application is installed on the phone successfully.

Then open the app and start following the operation steps by agreeing to all the permissions the app needs, such as access to microphone or camera; Until the application works successfully, and after that you will notice that the application has a very simple user interface that anyone can deal with even if they are using the application for the first time, and the steps for using the application are very easy that anyone can implement.

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Features of the hidden camera detector application for Android, the latest version

The hidden camera detector app for Android is characterized by a very many features, the most important of which are the following:

  • The application helps you to discover hidden cameras with ease.
  • The application protects your privacy, so no one can monitor you, regardless of the type of cameras used, and where they are hidden.
  • You can easily access the hidden camera by passing the phone in the place where you suspect there are cameras.
  • The app sounds a loud alarm if a hidden camera is detected.
  • The application is free and does not charge you any money when downloading it.
  • The application is distinguished by its size, as it does not require a large space on your phone, and therefore you can download the application on the phone with ease.
  • One of the most important features of the application is that it has a very simple user interface that makes anyone can deal with the application very simply.
  • The application provides you with protection anywhere, anytime, as it helps you to know the presence of hidden cameras anywhere you go.

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