Identity Forwarded Game (Beta)

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Identity Forwarded Game (Beta) Android 4.4+
evaluation 4 | 2.5
One of the most terrifying games with a different design inside the game you will find with new forms that differ from the forms of ghosts and enchanted creatures

Download Identity Forwarded apk for Android, with a direct link It is not difficult. If you are a fan of horror games, you can now download one of the most terrifying games on your Android phone with a different design inside the game. You will find it with new forms that differ from the forms of ghosts and traditional enchanted creatures, but you will find more than that with more adventure that you will experience inside the game with the need For some intelligence to skip the stages of the game without losses, reach the door and open it before eliminating you, continue reading the article to find out the link from which you can download the game.

What is Identity Forwarded game?

If you want to download the Identity Forwarded apk game for Android, with a direct link to the game For the first time, you must get to know it first, and in the following points we will give you a simplified explanation of the game’s story to be aware of what is happening inside the game, just continue reading the following lines:

  • This game is considered One of the coolest and most interesting horror games made by NetEase Games.
  • The game begins with the player trying to get rid of all the ghosts and creatures that are chasing, but to get rid of them, he must know the methods that he can use to get rid of them and the things that he can use at each stage to eliminate them and reach the safe place as quickly and as little time as possible.
  • The player can choose the character with which he will start playing, and he will be weak at first, but with efforts to overcome the difficulties and confront the ghost army, he will become stronger.
  • The player can also choose the costumes that he prefers for his character through the game store, so that he can hide and disguise himself from ghosts.

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Identity Forwarded game features

This game has many features, as it is not just a game. Identity Forwarded apk for Android has been downloaded with a direct link on your Android phone. Among the most important of these features are those that we will mention in the following points:

  • The development of the game through NetEase is one of the most important features of the game and makes it more exciting and mysterious as it makes the player live a unique experience and a fun and exciting adventure.
  • The player can test the character he prefers, for example, he can choose the evil character who collects and tortures victims, or the good character who seeks to save the victims.
  • Through the game settings, the player can choose the era or era in which he wants to play, such as choosing the Victorian era, and enjoy the unique gameplay styles.
  • The game features an exciting story style that makes you more courageous and develops your spirit of adventure and intelligence.

Identity Forwarded game levels apk

The game is divided into different levels that the player goes through during the game, and each stage becomes more dangerous and adventurous than the one that precedes it, and we will learn about those levels through the following lines:

  • The first level begins with the player choosing to either play collectively as one of the four survivors or as an individual to fight the ghosts, and whatever role he chooses, there will be many tests available to him.
  • The game begins with the role of a detective who receives a message to search for a missing girl inside an abandoned mansion, and as she gets closer, she finds frightening and terrifying things and new unpredictable events.
  • The game is based on short battles of 4 against one, and each character has special skills that distinguish him, and the players must collect more points before reaching the exit door, and before the killer reaches them, and if he reaches one of the players, the role of this player is over.

Features of downloading the Identity Forwarded apk game for Android, with a direct link

Downloading such an exciting and terrifying game carries many advantages, in addition to the fun, excitement and challenge that you will experience within this unique experience, so here are some of the advantages of downloading the game Identity V for Android with a direct link:

  • This game is suitable for downloading easily on different Android phones, as it has been prepared in a unique and distinctive way to suit those devices.
  • Despite the strength of the capabilities of the game, you may think that its size is large or that you need a large space on the phone, but there is news that will make you very happy, which is that its size is small, not exceeding 38 megabytes, and does not occupy much space on your phone and does not affect it.

Download Identity Forwarded apk for Android, with a direct link

You can now download this game for Android with a direct link through this link

Fast and secure download through our website that we offer you to start with the real and exciting adventure in a terrifying atmosphere that resembles reality.

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At the end of the article, we hope that we have provided a simplified explanation of the most exciting and mysterious horror game, and you can use the link mentioned above to download the game with ease and enjoy an atmosphere full of excitement, adventure and real terror.

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