Into The Dead 2

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Into The Dead 2

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The second part of the game Into The Dead, a fun zombie game with many exciting adventures.

Download Into The Dead 2, the latest zombie game for Android devices, with a direct link for free from the Apkxi website. The game is the second part of the Into The Dead game developed by PIKPOK and has achieved great success and has been downloaded by millions of players around the world. The game falls under the category of zombie survival APK on smartphones, which many love; It is completely different from other traditional games, as it represents an environment full of terror, excitement, and fun at the same time. Zombie games revolve around human beings with a hidden disease that makes them live eternal life in the flesh only without a soul and turn into the living dead; Trying to kill everyone around them.

Download Into The Dead 2 game for Android, with a direct link, for free

Download Into The Dead 2 is a first-person FPS action game about a survivor in a zombie world, who fights off hordes of zombies and tries to eliminate them in order to save himself and his family. You’ll be fighting intense battles against hordes of zombies in many different places. The game is fun and interesting with simple gameplay, and it has a lot of adventures in the form of specific tasks for survival. The game has been downloaded more than 70 million times.

The gameplay of this undead game is simple and straightforward. On the left side of the screen you’ll find the buttons to control your character’s movement in the different places to fight zombies, while on the right you’ll find the photoshoot icon, along with the controls you’ll use to avoid and kill zombies in order to reach the goal and save your family.

You will only be given a pistol and a shotgun at the beginning of the game. As you continue to play, you can buy more weapons, such as different types of pistols, machine guns, shotguns, and more. You can also upgrade your weapons as you level up.

Into The Dead 2 includes seven chapters with 60 stages. The game takes place in an extensive story mode in a series of adventures and several endings available, during which you get to know more about your character. Download Into The Dead 2 game for free for all Android devices.

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Into The Dead 2 apk story and gameplay

Into The Dead 2 takes place in a world where a strange epidemic is raging, turning people into zombies. Zombies are trying to attack and eat the survivors.

You will take on the role of the protagonist of the story, who is a survivor of this epidemic in his area. His wife and son have been kidnapped by zombies, which will lead him to go on a long journey to save them. He will make his way through an area surrounded by a lot of zombies, as he will be surrounded by them on all sides.

Pick up your weapon and start running and shooting at them, using all the weapons and tools available to you to eliminate zombies and save your family. You will be exposed to more threats and it will be more difficult to play as you progress.

You can take a dog to scare the zombies away from you.

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Features of downloading Into the Dead 2: Zombie Survival APK for Android

If you are a fan of Zombie games, downloading the game Into the Dead 2: Zombie Survival offers you many features that will make you love to play for hours without getting bored. Among the most important features of the killing game:

  • The game offers a well-developed story with several endings available depending on your play style and your progress within the game.
  • The game extends over 7 chapters in 60 stages filled with many adventures and challenges in an atmosphere of terror, excitement and fun.
  • Provide an arsenal of powerful weapons and ammunition, which you can upgrade. Weapons range from melee weapons, firearms, explosives, and more.
  • The game features a variety of playing styles. You can shoot different types of weapons, slash through hordes of zombies from the top of vehicles, use explosives to slash through them, stab them or chase them on foot.
  • Provide many realistic environments to play. You can escape into oil fields and military bases, or stalk into camps and remote farming communities. You will also find excellent visual and sound effects.
  • Develop different combat strategies to suit the undead hordes of different abilities, traditional zombies, armored zombies or running zombies.
  • The gameplay comes with a simple and easy to use interface, with smooth and simple controls.
  • Many special rewards can be obtained whenever you can eliminate zombies and win the game.
  • You can take one of the dogs; To keep zombies out of your way.
  • Free to play but includes purchasable items.

Download Into The Dead 2, a game of killing the dead for Android, and have an exciting adventure against zombies. Always make sure to have the right weapons and ammo as this will be essential to success.

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