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1.10.0 Android 4.1
evaluation 47 | 3.1

You can Download Kartrider: DRIFT GAME With Android, sign up for the global racing test of KARTRIDER: DRIFT GAME, the multiplayer racing game and the latest in the game series, enjoyed by more than 300 million players around the world, this is the first cross-platform racing game from Nexon to break the walls between the mobile Mobile, PC and console.

Download Kartrider: DRIFT GAME for Android

BE THE FIRST TO EXPERIENCE THE VARIANT CHARACTERS AND VEHICLES THAT ONLY CAN FIND IN KARTRIDER: DRIFT GAME DURING THIS PREVIEW THAT STARTS AUGUST 31 AT 6:00 PM PT Game data is for this testing period only and will not be transferred when the game is officially released.

Challenge your friends through platforms with no barriers, no paywalls, and no pay-to-win elements to stop you from having fun while topping the leaderboard. Built from the ground up for dynamic online gameplay, there’s new content added regularly, massive content updates every season, and different game modes based on preference.

It is the only free cross-platform kart racer with arcade excitement, and the fastest drift fueled skill competition. With deep kart and character customization in stunning HD, fun and mayhem await you on the track. The gameplay is through, Mobile Racing, the contestants will be able to play on their iOS and Android devices.


It is an upcoming multiplayer kart racing game, inspired by previous titles in the franchise, offering drift racing action packed with multiple game modes, player-created kart and character customization in stunning graphics.

Originally released in 2004, it was the first title in the kart racing series from Nexon and has since gained huge popularity in Asia and beyond, amassing more than 300 million players in its 17 years of release.

KARTRIDER: DRIFT GAME has established a strong brand across Asian markets and a huge esports presence in Korea with the official launch of the league in 2005. The league is still the longest esports league to date, and also players can race against an AI racer, perfect for any beginners to practice their skills before They hit the track against friends.

Kart Upgrades – Upgrading a kart will give racers special gears that can increase the stats on their kart. This racing test comes in preparation for the global launch of this game, for which players can still pre-register on the official website.

Contestants who pre-register are eligible to claim special rewards, such as the Model Student Diz and many more exclusive offers on the platform. Note that pre-registration rewards will be available for redemption for 60 days after launch. Contestants can also claim an exclusive character and kart for each supported platform played for up to 90 days after launch.


  • Encounter different characters, karts, and unique karts.
  • Try on special outfits and emotes to highlight your personality Speed ​​up the track in a unique kart to cross the leaderboards in style.
  • Speed ​​Mode Feel the rush of speed as you collect boosts and fine-tune your drifting skills.
  • Item Mode Collect unique items in chaotic and exciting races, and whichever mode you choose, the first place is waiting for you.
  • Item Shop A new batch of items will be available from the Item Shop.
  • Prize, contestants can earn prizes by playing to unlock emblems and other rewards.
  • New Characters, Curtis, and Tracks Racers get a host of new characters, vehicles, and tracks.
  • Unlimited customization, livery Show off your character to your heart’s content in KARTRIDER: DRIFT GAME.
  • Design your own kart with the car livery system.
  • Take control with the freedom to fully customize your ride.
  • Race through twisty tracks, specialized challenges and exotic locations.
  • From the scorching desert to the frozen road, enjoy the scenery as you race with vibrant and detailed backgrounds, all displayed in high quality graphics.

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