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Learn Arabic. Speak Arabic

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This application helps you to learn to speak Arabic very easily.

Learn Arabic application. Speak Arabic for Android This ideal application enables you to teach the standard Arabic language in an easy and simple way by listening to the speaker inside this application who makes you learn any sentence in the standard Arabic language. You speak in the original dialect in a blink of an eye, by recording any sentence with your voice, and the speaker will pronounce this sentence in classical Arabic, you can listen to it until you speak like him, and you can also repeat what you heard until you pronounce it correctly, as it is an ideal application that teaches you in a very short time.

Learn Arabic application. Speak Arabic for Android

This application teaches pronunciation in Standard Arabic with ease. You can record any sentence you want to pronounce in Arabic, and the speaker will respond to this sentence in Standard Arabic so that you can listen to it and pronounce it correctly. There are also various phrases inside this application that we use in public life. There are also phrases It has a benefit and we use it in conversations, so you can listen to it so that you can learn to pronounce Standard Arabic in a quick way, and you can talk to your friends and family so that it is fixed in your mind and your tongue learns it faster.

This application also works to teach you phrases and complete sentences, because the word alone can make you forget it, but the phrase or sentence you always remember because it has a meaning that is drawn in your mind, and the sentence tells a story that you never forget, and this application is characterized by the clarity of the voice of the speaker so that you can hear it with all Ease and you can re-hear the speaker’s voice several times so that the sentence is fixed in your mind and memorized faster. You can also control the speed of the speaker in saying the phrases. You can make him speak quickly or make him speak slowly so that you pick up the word from him easier, pronounce it and learn it quickly.

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This application teaches you to pronounce well in Standard Arabic so that you can learn it with ease. It also makes you train yourself by saying some words or sentences behind the speaker so that you can pronounce Standard Arabic correctly. This application also trains you on a group of words without taking a breath. You took a breath while pronouncing these words, so its pronunciation is wrong and you do not pronounce it correctly, so you must follow the speaker in his pronunciation in order to learn classical Arabic correctly and quickly.

You can also learn with your ears or with your eyes by hearing the words and seeing them in front of your eyes so that you can pronounce them correctly, and you must listen several times to what the speaker says when pronouncing the classical Arabic language in order to pronounce the same and the pronunciation is correct, because there are many meanings that can be understood incorrectly if the It is pronounced incorrectly, so the user of this application must learn classical Arabic and focus on hearing so that no error occurs when pronouncing or understanding another meaning without the correct meaning.

Learn Arabic application features. Speak Arabic latest version

  • Within this application there are many realistic phrases that will help you in teaching classical Arabic correctly.
  • Many of the phrases in this application can be used in your daily life and personal conversations with your family or friends.
  • Inside this app are international native speakers who speak Standard Arabic fluently.
  • This application is distinguished by the clarity and purity of the voice so that the speaker can be heard correctly.
  • There are questions, tests and general information within this application so that you can always test yourself and strengthen your pronunciation in Standard Arabic.

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