LitPhoto – Compress & Resize

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LitPhoto – Compress & Resize

1.4.0 Android 4.4 and later
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This application compresses files, photos and videos very accurately.

LitPhoto – Compress & Resize application for Android This ideal application works to reduce the size of photo and video files so as not to take up a large space of the phone’s storage, through modern techniques manufactured by artificial intelligence, as it works to compress the size of the images by removing a few colors in the images in an unreasonable way Noticeable and selective method, do not differentiate between compressed images and original images, but this removal makes a big difference in freeing up space on your phone so that it does not fill up and press on the work of the phone and does not respond to you easily. You can try this application and save space on your phone.

LitPhoto – Compress & Resize app for Android

If you want to reduce the size of the image files on your phone, the LitPhoto – Compress & Resize application is the ideal solution for this matter. It reduces the size of your image files by removing some colors and filters that do not affect the shape of the image. You will see it as natural as it was, but it did not take up much space. Like the previous one, it compresses and merges some of the things in the images so that it does not fill up the phone’s space, especially since we love photographing and keeping many photos of memories. This is why this application will combine and compress these images so that the download on your phone does not increase and it does not respond quickly.

After compressing and merging the images through this application, you do not have to save each image manually inside this application, as it works to create an album with the name of the application inside the photo gallery on your phone, and automatically saves the images in this album, and you can notice the difference before changing the compression of the image files and then in the space, and you will notice Big difference before and after pressing.

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It is known that we all share happy moments through photography and keeping these pictures on the phone until we immortalize these memories. We also shoot photo albums when we are children so that we can remember childhood moments. Therefore, on every phone there are a large number of countless pictures, and when these pictures exceed the permissible limit The phone is affected by the increase in storage on it, and it hangs and does not always respond to you. You also find that the phone’s battery is affected by this matter, and the charging ends quickly. For this, we presented to you the LitPhoto – Compress & Resize application, which saves you from all these annoying things. It compresses the size of the pictures so that you do not need a large space on the The phone and you can then save an infinite number of photos inside your phone.

This application works by compressing the size of the images through the report on the colors in the image that take up a large area without affecting it, so you will see the image completely natural with high accuracy, as it improves the images through the perfect balance in it, so it works to change the file size in an easy way, and you can then control In all images by cutting or rotating them to any side.

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LitPhoto – Compress & Resize features, latest version

  • This app compresses a file with many images instead of compressing a picture by picture.
  • This application outputs the image with high accuracy and quality that you do not see any change that occurred in it.
  • With this app, you can rotate the image 90 degrees clockwise and crop it to the size you want.
  • You can use your finger to zoom in and out of the image before you install it and save it to your phone.
  • You can share these images with your friends and upload them to social networking sites.

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