Ma3ak – exam application

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Ma3ak – exam application

1.1.3 Android 4.4 and later
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This application enables you to take exams in a very easy way, as it helps you to learn.

Download the Ma’ak application – an exam application for Android on your mobile phone that supports any Android system, one of the most famous educational applications on the scene, a mighty application that was launched by Productivity in an innovative way, an application that is different from any other application, download the application now, this application Very useful especially for students, it contains a large variety of exams and questions in all subjects, download the application now.

Ma3ak application – exam application for Android

You can easily download the Ma’ak application – an exams application for Android on your mobile phone. You can download the application on any mobile phone that supports any Android system. This application is looking for a lot of distinguished students who are looking for an application that helps them complete their studies and raise their level of education. .

The Ma3ak application has achieved a large number of positive reviews, and many people have given this application five stars, and the users of the application have made many distinguished comments, and the application has achieved very large numbers of downloads in a very short period, and the numbers of downloads are increasing continuously day after day.

This application has been classified as an education application because it contains a lot of exams and questions that include various classes, including:

  • fourth grade.
  • Fifth grade.
  • Sixth grade.
  • seventh grade.
  • The second grade of middle school.
  • The third preparatory grade.
  • First grade secondary.
  • The second secondary grade.
  • Third grade secondary.

Download the Ma3ak application – a mobile exam application

You can download the Ma’3ak – Exams application on your mobile phone in a very easy way and without facing any difficulty. All you have to do is search for an exclusive direct link for the application on our website, then open the application on your mobile phone interface and enjoy the work of the application and benefit from its features.

The application contains a wide range of exams and questions on each of the lessons and in each of the different subjects. Through the application, you can also identify the correct answers to the questions that you want to know.

The application encourages you and creates an atmosphere of competition with you and your friends, through a code called the competition code. Work hard, study and solve the questions in order to finally get the first place for all students who use the application with you.

You will not have to update the application because the people who work on this application update the application and add many questions daily directly. The questions on the application will not concern one class, but rather a group of different classes.

You can enter the application and choose the stage in which you study, and then choose the subject for which you want to solve its own exams or for which you want questions on it. After completing the exams, the application shows you the number of correct answers, the number of incorrect answers, the total number of solved questions, and the student’s order.

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Features of the Ma3ak application – the latest version of exams application

The Ma’ak application – exams application has a wide range of features that distinguish this application from other applications, we mention them as follows:

  • The application has a simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • A great application that you can use easily without the need for anyone’s help.
  • The size of the application is suitable for its work.
  • The operation of the application does not affect the operation of the mobile phone or any application on it.
  • The application contains a wide range of questions and exams for various grades.
  • You can download the application through the exclusive application link on our website.
  • The application works on Android phones.
  • The application is suitable for all persons over the age of 12 years.
  • The application is constantly being updated.
  • Many questions and tests are added to the application on a daily basis.
  • The application is free to download and free to use.
  • Ma3ak application is an unpaid application.
  • The application has achieved more than 5,000 downloads.

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