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2.3.11 Android 4.4 and later

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This app is made for simple digital saving on your mobile phone.

Menthum application for Android This smart application is the first innovation that has been made for digital savings on the mobile phone and it is used in the markets to serve as a safe and simple savings locker. It is the first fund through which cash can be dealt in Egypt. About a safe in which cash money can be placed, and this safe is completely safe because it belongs to the Egyptian government, and this matter makes it one of the reliable safes, so you can use it now and benefit from it on your phone.

Menthum app for Android

This application is a financial fund in which money is stored through the mobile phone. It is a new and innovative application. There is no application similar to it so far. Developers who have extensive and great experience in the field of banking and financial work have made and created this ideal application to save all business leaders And company owners enter their money into a completely safe fund through mobile phones, as this application belongs to the Egyptian government, so there is no harm when using it, as all your money is kept completely safe.

The goal of establishing this application is to keep part of the money by saving it in the secure Menthum application until the person then fills his needs and requirements after that, such as paying school fees for children or saving for health expenses or doing surgery, or buying a new car, house or To save for a walk, it is very useful and easy to use. You can save money through your phone and withdraw from your phone as well.

Download the Menthum app for Android

The Menthum application is the first banking application on which money can be saved through your mobile phone, as it is easy to use and can be greatly benefited from, and the money saved on it increases by 10%. 6% annually, and the interest is according to the percentage of the balance, and this percentage can be obtained if the balance is large, so the interest is appropriate and good, but the Menthum application that puts the interest on the money is fixed and is 10% and increases according to the amount of the balance saved in it.

This application also works to preserve money and does not involve it in any challenges in which the customer could lose money, as it provides a guarantee of safety and security for the money saved on it, and all customers now need such an application so that they save their money while they are assured that it is preserved and in continuous increase, as all customers can Or company owners or all people, download this application on their phones with ease, as it is easy to use, and it is characterized by the simple main interface that you can subscribe to in a few minutes, as it works to activate your account in a quick way, after which all customers can transfer money to it, and there is no requirement for a minimum amount The money saved on it, you can put whatever you want, and this application is characterized by being available daily at any time without closing, so all customers can withdraw or deposit any amount at any time.

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Menthum app features latest version

  • This application is completely free and does not require any subscription fees when downloading.
  • The Menthum app is characterized by saving money on it with the appropriate annual increase and complete safety in saving money.
  • All customers can use this application through their mobile phones without going to banks or ATMs.
  • This app allows to put unlimited money, there is no minimum to put money on it.
  • This application always works day and night, so any customer can withdraw or deposit sums of money at any time.

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