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Mini FootBall

1.8.1 Android 4.4+
evaluation 35 | 3.5
A game dedicated to football enthusiasts and fans, and there are certainly many of them all over the world

Mini FootBall We offer you, through our website, the Mini FootBall game, the game dedicated to football enthusiasts and fans, and there are certainly many around the world. If you are one of those, then this game is definitely for you. Come on, put on your shoes and get ready to go out on the field with a game This football is completely new and you will see football that you have not known before in any previous modern football game.

Through this game, you will get the highest levels of enjoyment, through an easy and comfortable gaming experience, while preserving the original spirit of the game. Certainly, it is time for you to make the masses chant your name in the stands, after you provide them with many pleasures, by showing Show off your skills, score some great goals and build the strongest team in history.

Download Mini FootBall for Android with a direct link

Mini FootBall Welcome to the first easy and comfortable experience in the football game, as this game provides you with the experience of selecting the team, by playing directly while preserving the spirit of the original football sport, as it has become no need to waste a lot of time on the endless mechanisms just every What you need to do is choose your team and go straight to the stadium.

Through the Mini Foot Ball game, you will be able to win players, whether they are ordinary players or legends, by upgrading and developing them in order to transform your team into the most terrifying team on the field.

Also, you will not only be able to build your team, but also to choose it entirely according to your own taste and character, through more than a hundred options for customization, including, for example, unique logos, shirts, shorts, socks and shoes, in addition to more than 30 distinct clothing kits. For teams, it also enables you to launch a special name for your team.

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Mini FootBall Characteristics

The Mini FootBall game has many features, through which you can play in many different levels, in addition to containing five unique and original stadiums that will become bigger, noisier, and more beautiful, as you make progress in your football career through this game.

Also, whenever you play on your land and among your fans or away from home, you will feel that each match is a match different from the one that precedes it, and we give you good news of new and most beautiful stadiums in the future, because we are constantly updating and developing this game.

Do not wait too long and download the game on your Android phone and form your team so that you can climb the rankings on the leaderboards in order to win many wonderful prizes and be in control of the competition permanently, and on a weekly basis there are opportunities for upgrading and development that you can get on the ranking ladder in the leagues.

This is by participating from the Copper League to the All-Star League, so you must always be careful to reserve a position through which you can ascend to the highest league, before the end of the week, so that you can win bigger and better prizes that help you raise your level at the top of the rankings.

Also, at the start of the match, several buttons will appear on the screen in order to control the players and the way they perform the match, as in the case of attack, buttons for fast running, passing to players and shooting towards the goal will appear, and when you are in the state of defense, the function of these buttons will change to fast running and switching between players And skating on the ground in order to cut the ball, and it is also possible to cut the ball from the opponent by simply touching the ball, and there is also this special for controlling the movement of players in all directions on the field.

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Download Mini FootBall

To download the Mini Foot Ball game on your Android phone, all you have to do is go to the direct link in the transfer, then click on it, and it is only a few seconds, and the game will be fully loaded on your phone, and you will enjoy a football game full of competition and enthusiasm, as well as entry In training to learn the basics of playing and control, in addition to containing a lot of different stadiums on which matches are held.

You can also choose the formation and switch between the players according to your desire, and do not forget that you can develop the capabilities of some players in order to work to increase their strength on the field, through a set of simple and uncomplicated control tools that you can learn in a short time.

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