Minion Rush: infinite run game

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Minion Rush: infinite run game

8.0.3a Android 5.0+
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Fun and entertaining game inspired by the movie Minions

To you Download Minion Rush: infinite run game apk for android with direct link It is a very beautiful and interesting game that is very similar to the Subway game, where this game is immersed in running, jumping and collecting gold, but in the game Minion Rush it runs with yellow minions, and the game requires extreme audacity from the player, because at the beginning it is given arduous tasks that need to be completed Run and play fast until you pass it and go up to a higher level.

Download Minion Rush: infinite run game for Android, with a direct link

This game is exciting and interesting, making the player immersed in its world to a large extent and immersed in the game, and you can learn more about the game by following the following:

  • Extreme caution is a must when running, because there are a lot of various obstacles on the path in which the game is being played, and if you do not pay attention to the obstacles, this will lead to the player losing.
  • Jumping is possible via short hurdles, and it is also possible to roll under obstacles that are difficult to cross by jumping, rather than just going both ways via directions.
  • The game contains many different roads, such as highways that have different types of cars, and there is a railway, and in this case the player is required to pass this train.
  • There are special places for running in the game, such as the laboratory and the mountains in the middle of the desert, and these routes were taken from scenes from the Minions movie.

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Minion Rush mobile game story

This beautiful game, Minions Launch: Endless Run, is based on a foreign movie called minions, and the game’s heroes are also based on the characters of this movie. The details of the story can be explained as follows:

  • The movie from which the game is based is a popular cartoon, the heroes of which are cute yellow creatures who are very funny and humorous.
  • Minions can be found out more by going back to watching the Minions movie and watching some clips of that movie.
  • The beginning of the movie was when a person named Guru tried to steal the statue of the mermaid in America, so that he could control the country and become its leader, but he was hindered by the presence of another evil who stole the Great Pyramid in Egypt.
  • The evil man decided at that time to invent some creatures in the laboratory, in order to obtain his will and control the moon, but he failed again because of the presence of girls.

Minion Rush: infinite run game elements

There are many tools that can help the player pass the stage he reaches and get more rewards, and this can be explained as follows:

  • There are some gifts that are given to the player in the game so that he can travel great distances in a short time and be able to pass the stage without losing it, and these gifts he finds while walking.
  • The magic flask in the game is one of the items provided to help the player in the game, once obtained, the player increases in size and becomes a giant.
  • Skateboards and bicycles in the game help a lot in the game, as they increase the speed.

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Features of minion rush apk for Android

The game contains many features that make it attract and relate to many players, and the most important of these features can be explained as follows:

  • The graphics are three-dimensional, which ensures high quality of the image and is comfortable for the eye, and the game design is very distinctive.
  • The game characters change as stages are passed and the game progresses, as well as the game path and challenges become more difficult, which makes the game more exciting.
  • Controlling the game is done by touching the screen of the player’s device with ease.
  • Characters can be changed at will, as well as clothes and weapons can be swapped with ease.
  • The internal music of the game is beautiful and enthusiastic, making the player more immersed in the challenging atmosphere of the game.
  • The game is suitable for all ages, as it is easy to control and young children can play it.
  • More than one stage exists in the game, where the stages start from easy and then difficult, so that the player can understand the game, and then climb to higher levels.
  • Interacting with social media the player can while playing the game.
  • The download is completely free for the game, as the player can download it from the Google Play Store with ease, without paying any money.

The idea of ​​the minion rush game

This game is one of the popular games whose ideas revolve around the Minion movie, which includes some nice characters represented by Dave, Carl and Jerry, and they run and race between them on the yellow banana, and the player will encounter during his walk in the game some evil characters who are trying to get rid of the player, and in that At the time, the player will defend himself and try to get rid of them in various ways, such as weapons, running, and other means, which makes the game more interesting and entertaining, which will push the player to pass more and more stages.

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Download minion rush mobile game

The game is free, and the customer can download it through the Google Play Store or through this website through the link of the game, so that the player can have interesting and enjoyable adventures, knowing that at the beginning of downloading the game, the player must choose which character he will play with, whether the character Dave Or carl or jerry, and if a player is selected and does not play well, it can be changed from the game settings.

This concludes today’s article, which deals with the game Minion Rush: infinite run game The interesting, the story and idea of ​​the game inspired by the cartoon movie Minions, and the tools and gifts that will help the player to pass the game easily, as well as the features of the game and how to download it.

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