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My PlayHome Plus Android 4.2 and newer
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One of the modern entertainment games that simulate daily life

My PlayHome Plus One of the modern entertainment games developed by Shimon Young: Play Home Software, which works to develop games for simulating children inside homes, where children arrange a lot of special things related to managing the house such as preparing food and preparing various drinks, as well as cleaning the house and spending a lot From times playing with dolls, watching television, and other various and varied matters and homework

My PlayHome Plus game for Android

The My PlayHome Plus game is among the most and best interactive games available at the present time, especially for children and adolescents, thus enjoying the full time from discovering the house from the income and enjoying the dolls and the different rooms and TV showers and even frying eggs and dropping pizza and the food that it prepares and can also prepare and pour drinks and blow bubbles and extinguish The lights

In addition to that many other characters are waiting for you, who eat, sleep, shower, brush their teeth, and much more. If you want to play music, you can use hard disks, and also if you want the room to be darker, you can close the curtains and other fun things related to the game. My Home Plus

The modern evolution of the game My PlayHome Plus It collects all the games and previous versions of the game My Home Plus game famous and integrated into one game, thus achieving the greatest possible benefit, where in this version you can jump between homes, school stores, as well as the hospital and other places without the need to move between applications

The developer also added a lot of details and completely updated the atmosphere of the game, starting from snowfall in the winter season, to completely new foods, and fully satisfying their desires.

How to play My PlayHome Plus

The game begins around a rural girl who has distinctive energy and methods, who works to completely redesign her room and house, passes from small places to larger places, and wants to reach larger potential customers, and with continuous progress within the game, you are assigned a basic task, which is to revive an old room so that it is attractive

After completing the first task, you leave the house and go to the city to start the business, and many customer requests are constantly increasing

The dolls can be taken to the garden or sit in the living room and watch TV or even listen to music. When finished, bedtime comes, so the children can be taken to brush their teeth and put each doll in its own bed.

And while playing My PlayHome Plus, the sounds are constantly changing and many challenges are added, which give the game a distinctive character and break the barrier of boredom among the players.

New features in My PlayHome Plus

The game contains completely new areas

The new versions of the My PlayHome Plus game have built an integrated shopping center within the city and they are already opening places, food halls, fast food stores, and also places for relaxation such as

  • pizza parlors
  • Sushi
  • coffee shops
  • Where to sell burgers and hot dogs

Features of the game My PlayHome Plus

In addition, the My PlayHome Plus game is popular with parents because it contains many countless features offered by the game developers, as it worked on full updates and complete safety in children’s play without harm, such as:

  • The My Home Plus game is completely safe for children because it does not contain social networks, notifications, or even ads that appear on many games, especially when connected to the Internet.
  • You can play My PlayHome Plus without the need to connect to the Internet, thus enjoying the game anytime and anywhere
  • The game is completely free and you do not need to pay any special fees or subscriptions
  • When you complete the tasks, you can get a lot of prizes and financial rewards, which enable you to open a lot of things inside the store, develop the game and enhance special skills
  • Game support My Home Plus game Many different languages ​​such as Arabic, English, French, German and other international languages
  • Your child can now fully unleash in addition to enhancing their ability to solve many special puzzles and also the speed of reactions within the game
  • There are a lot of different characters and you can move between them constantly and enhance special skills
  • My PlayHome Plus game contains a lot of places, such as access to the hospital and also the school, in addition to the many maps
  • The freedom to move around using the cars available outside the house to visit the rest of the other elements, get acquainted with all the details in them, move between other places freely and enjoy the stunning scenery
  • The My Home Plus game has an easy and simple interface that gives a distinctive and modern look that is suitable for children

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