Nike Training Club

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Nike Training Club

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This application enables you to simply enjoy exercise.

Nike Training Club application for Android In light of the high prices in which we live and the high prices, the developers have created the Nike Training Club sports application that is concerned with physical fitness. The gym is their money and follow this sport at home through this application, as it is a trainer and a doctor also with you at the same time, maintaining your health and physical fitness through many tips and exercises that suit your age and health, so you can download this application now and enjoy good health.

Nike Training Club app for Android

This ideal application is one of the most important applications that monitor health and physical fitness. It regulates the food you eat daily and introduces you to healthy food that is suitable for your health in order to reduce the accumulated fat in the body and maintain your fitness and health. It also introduces you to the most important exercises suitable for your age. By recording your age, height, and weight, and then this application works to display a suitable schedule for you daily, in which it introduces you to the health system that you must follow daily, and also introduces you to the appropriate exercises for you, as it is like a personal trainer who follows your health and weight at home.

This application also works to take care of all people who suffer from diabetes, heart disease or excessive obesity, as it shows them the appropriate food for each person and is interested in the sport that suits each person so that his health does not deteriorate and preserves his body, because obesity or some food affects their health and works To increase the level of cholesterol, especially for people who suffer from heart disease, it is necessary to eat a certain food for them so that they do not have any crises or blockages in the arteries.

Download the Nike Training Club app for Android

Through this application, it is possible to obtain a perfect and athletic body at the same time, as it provides many tips that work on following a diet and provides some advice and exercises that build and strengthen muscles, and this application also works to remind you to drink water, which is the first and essential thing in following a diet And hydration of the body, as there are many direct and free exercises on this application that you can see constantly with international trainers and countless exercises to lose certain parts of the body.

There are also many tips that clinical nutrition experts know for you, and they also inform you about the amount allowed per day to drink water so that your body is not affected by fatigue and lack of freshness, and there are many exercises that show muscles in certain areas of the body, and there is also a digital watch It sets the time for you when running or walking, as it is an integrated application through which you can maintain your health, daily activity, and maintain your physical fitness.

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Features of the Nike Training Club application, the latest version

  • Inside this application there are many exercises that build the body and form the muscles of the abdomen, arms, shoulders and legs as well.
  • There are a lot of exercises that work on body strength, muscle flexibility, and fast movement.
  • This application works to give the appropriate exercises for each person, there are exercises for beginners, intermediate and masters in the exercises.
  • The application sets a specific time for the exercises, which range from a quarter of an hour to 45 minutes.
  • Provides healthy and suitable food for each person according to his age and weight.
  • There is a special section for people who suffer from diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, or obesity.

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