Ninja Raiden Revenge

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Ninja Raiden Revenge

1.6.5 Android 4.1 and later
evaluation 9 | 3.8
Legendary adventure game with the ninja Orochi

Ninja Raiden Revenge is an action, action, and thriller game that carries with it many adventures and challenges. It has been developed by the creative company Tenda Games in order to provide a lot of the necessary challenges and excitement.

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Ninja Raiden Revenge game story for Android

The game revolves around the famous legend that talks about Orochi, where there was a demon in the form of a snake with a bloody body that constantly flames and possesses eight heads with eight tails and extends over eight valleys and eight hills

With the passage of time, he became in control of the world for a period of 100 years, and there had to be a personality that would finish him and liberate the world from the evil that controlled him.

And then once you enter the game Ninja Raiden Revenge For Android, Orochi will revive again after a long steadfastness and after the destruction of hundreds of villages, and among the most famous villages that he destroyed are “the village of the winds, and the village of the ninjas.” He was able to destroy all the villages by descending a huge group of warriors who were able to create screams in the villages, sow hatred and destroy everything

But the main character in Ninja Raiden Revenge She is Raiden, the last ninja from the Village of the Winds, a descendant of Susanoo, the god of storms and the sea who sealed Orochi.

It’s not an easy task, so you have to learn the fighting skills needed to use the characters in Ninja Raiden Revenge Very carefully and also fight and take revenge your relatives and everyone you love who died in your village

New updates in the game Ninja Raiden Revenge for Android

The game developers have added a lot of improvements and features that made it one of the best action, adventure and strategy games in the current year, and among the most important things that have been added in the game Ninja Raiden Revenge recently are the following:

  • 8 different and completely unique maps have been added in order to reach and explore places with ease
  • More than 96 levels have been added to the game in order to create opportunities for challenges and more excitement and suspense
  • Adding 8 bosses in large and advanced battles, along with a huge group of zombie monsters and various other monsters, with the aim of making things difficult and increasing the level of professionalism of the players
  • The addition of many weapons and other action items that can be used during the fight to eliminate monsters
  • Possibility to upgrade your gaming skills in order to reach an advanced professional level
  • Engage in one-on-one challenges with artificial intelligence and challenge yourself with challenging battles
  • Combining smooth control and easy access, with challenging adventures that need combat skills

How to play Ninja Raiden Revenge for Android

The gameplay of Ninja Raiden Revenge is very easy and uncomplicated at all, as after entering the game and accessing the basic interface, there are many options that have been fully updated, so you can choose your favorite playable character and then choose the preferred weapon and then enter to a match or challenge

In the game Ninja Raiden Revenge, the player must use the control buttons on the game screen in order to be able to control the direction of the ninja warrior and thus make it easier to fight and eliminate the bad guys

In the game Ninja Raiden Revenge there are different game environments that the player can experience all of them but in the night mode, as the night is the best time for the villains to carry out their plans, in addition to that in the game Ninja Raiden Revenge the villains try to launch attacks in order to eliminate Ninja warrior as he is the only one who poses a threat to them

The ninja warrior uses a huge variety of weapons during the fight, such as ninja stars or shurikens, in addition to the main weapon, which is the sword, and therefore the total dependence on fighting enemies is your skills in playing and controlling the weapons that you play with.

With the passage of time and the completion of each level, the player will get a number of coins and a lot of prizes and rewards, and those that help him upgrade and develop his playing skills, in addition to buying new weapons that will eliminate the bad guys and reach more advanced and professional levels.

Features of the game Ninja Raiden Revenge for Android

  • It comes completely free of charge, and you can download the Ninja Raiden Revenge game for Android through the links on our website apkxi
  • You do not need strong materials from the device in order to work easily and smoothly, as it works on all Android devices, even weak ones
  • Adding many levels and challenges of different ease and difficulty to suit all users
  • The ability to choose between game characters and thus play with your favorite ninja warrior
  • The game has advanced graphics and animations to make the game realistic

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