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PDF to AutoCAD

3.0.10 Android 4.4 and later
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This application enables you to convert files in a perfect way that is suitable for everyone.

You can easily download the PDF to AutoCAD application to help you convert PDF to DWG in an excellent way as it can work with the PDF drawings that you create inside AutoCAD applications where you can transfer all the drawings and texts to the DWG format; So that you can edit it within the professional CAD software, which helps you to perform all conversions for free, and quickly, as all conversions do not need more than an hour.

PDF to AutoCAD app for Android

After downloading the application on the phone, you can do all the free conversions within a very short time, in addition to that you can complete the quick conversions within a few seconds, in addition to that the application helps you convert all PDF files to AutoCAD / DWG, the best application that performs a lot of conversions, There is no size limitation of any file that the application converts, the application helps you to convert any dwg format by using a dwg viewer so that you can open the document.

The application helps you to compress all documents that contain many dwg files after conversion, and the application is very important for any engineer during his work who needs an Autocad program to add documents in different formats to it, and he can convert any pdf drawing to Autocad, and this feature provides him with a lot of Effort and trouble, as it can receive all pdf files that were originally CAD drawings and convert them into an AutoCAD drawing of the highest quality, and the application does not place any restrictions on the size of the file, or the number of conversions that you can convert, and after downloading the application for your phone, you can work as a real AutoCAD designer within Mobility, and enjoy the best AutoCAD experience on your phone.

Download the PDF to AutoCAD app for Android

The application is provided free of charge on all Android devices, as it is one of the light programs that you can use on your phone, and enjoy all the features provided by the application, so you can download the application easily through the direct link that is found at the bottom, and it makes you go to the application download page, and download it With ease, you can quickly and accurately access all your drawings, and easily view and edit many advanced tools. The application supports all versions without specifying a specific file size.

You can save all files within a local space on your phone’s memory, in addition to that you can open drawings via e-mail or cloud service, and share files on the Internet, in addition to that you can share them with anyone else with ease, how does the application help you work Real CAD on the phone, plus the app helps you convert in a very easy way between 2D visual mode and 3D visual mode.

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Features of the PDF to AutoCAD application for Android, the latest version

The application is characterized by a set of features that made it one of the most popular applications, and the most important of these features are the following:

  • The application helps you to create, view and edit all graphics by using very easy tools.
  • You can transfer CAD drawings to PDF as well as it helps you to select paper size, orientation, color and more.
  • The application enables you to reduce or enlarge the CAD drawing by adjusting the distance between two fingers.
  • You can simply switch between 3D visual mode and 2D visual mode.
  • You can rotate 3D CAD drawings by touching the drawing area, then scroll to view it in 360° 3D mode.
  • You can open the magnifier by touching the drawing area to display a graph that enlarges the area that is suitable for viewing all the details.

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