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Plants vs Zombies FREE

2.9.10 Android 4.4 and later
evaluation 6 | 3.3
A strategy game dedicated to fun, comfort, excitement and suspense

Plants vs Zombies FREE is a strategic game dedicated to fun, comfort, excitement and suspense, developed by ELECTRONIC ARTS, and through this game, users can spend many hours continuously discovering the game’s features without interruption

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Get ready in Plants vs. Zombies FREE Breed your own plants and fight off a group of zombies that are about to invade your home

Plants vs Zombies FREE game features

It has many characteristics as follows:

Play like a pro

The Plants vs Zombies FREE game is very easy and with just a few simple steps you will be able to get acquainted with all the simple controls and intuitive and basic interfaces, and therefore through these options you will be able to create a number of them that suit your fighting skills

In addition, all you have to do is choose different plants and place them in your garden, collect the energy of the sun from some of the multiple plants and get more powerful plants that will help you in countering zombies and enemy attacks.

Although the game is smooth and easy, it requires enough time in order to develop your combat skills and add tactics and various lengthy movements to win the challenge.

Choose between different plants

The plants in Plants vs Zombies FREE all have their own special powers and abilities

You can get sunflowers to gather the energy of the sun, or plant pea guns to shoot powerful peas towards the zombies, or destroy a bunch of zombies with a pumpkin bomb, or slow down the progress of enemies with giant potatoes,

There are an endless number of options available to you that need you to focus and think quickly in order to get the right plants for you

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Fighting against all kinds of zombies

On the other hand, the zombies in the game Plants vs Zombies FREE have their own unique powers and high abilities, so the more you advance in the game and finish the previous levels and challenges, the more powerful and tougher zombies you will have to face.

As fighting zombies is not limited to easy confrontation, on the contrary, they are fully equipped, starting from flying by shooting balloons or dropping zombies, and therefore you must prepare and confront them in various ways before they break your garden fence

And it is not limited only to the beginner levels, on the contrary, you must learn combat skills and be fully prepared in order to confront the heads of zombies and giants

Adding more than 50 completely new and different levels

For the sake of excitement and suspense, the company that developed the game Plants vs Zombies FREE has added more than 50 unique levels with completely different ideas

As there are many levels that can be played during the day, night, fog, swimming pool or on the roof and many other levels

Besides having GHOULS GARDEN lineup, battle zombie pole-vaulters, bucketheads swimmers and more than 26 different new zombie battle fun!

All you have to do in these various challenges is to think as fast as you can in order to develop the appropriate plan that will enable you to complete the missions with the best results and win the challenges.


Finally, Plants vs Zombies FREE players can put their skills and abilities to the test by participating in the survival mode. So that you can play and fend off the attacks of zombies for as long as possible. Keep from entering your park by enabling a massive defense or set your own strategies but remember that their main objective is to control you and eat brains, so you must hurry up and counter them.

The story of Plants vs Zombies FREE

The game begins with a group of zombies attacking your garden, and you must stop them in all possible ways.

As in the game Plants vs. Zombies FREE Players will play, but among a large group of zombies whose primary goal is to eat your brain, so the game will be a battle for survival, amidst a wide range of excitement, fun and movement, so you must build your defenses through your use of plants

It’s also in Plants vs. Zombies FREE You will have to choose between a large group of different plants and each type of them has its own power and abilities that will enable you to build your fence to counter the attacks of enemies and zombies

In addition, the developers of Plants vs Zombies FREE have made it possible to purchase plants that produce solar energy, which will then help you get all kinds of other plants.

Zen garden back to basics

In this challenge, the players are required to start planting again, by going to the shops and buying the seeds of different plants and then caring for them until they grow and mature, after which they are watered and given the plants their own fertilizer and make sure continuously that the plants grow normally

You can also hire a snail to help you collect coins that fall from the trees.

Features of the game Plants vs Zombies FREE

  • It comes completely free of charge, and you can download the game Plants vs Zombies FREE through the links of the Apkxi website
  • The game has a lot of animations, advanced graphics, sound and visual effects
  • Also, there are more than 50 new levels that have been added in order to continue the excitement, fun and suspense

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