Saber: Muslim Meditation

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Saber: Muslim Meditation

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This app helps you feel completely relaxed and comfortable, it’s great.

Sabr: Muslim Meditation application for Android This unique application makes us overcome the problems of life and the pressures that we face from everywhere, whether it is pressures at work or pressures at home or in life in general. While sleeping and not thinking, it also makes you trust yourself in an excessive way and reduces psychological vibration and distrust in yourself or in the people who are next to you. right until you get out of it properly.

Saber: Muslim Meditation app for Android

This application works on guided meditation for Muslims, as it provides many tips that work to reduce stress, increase your confidence in yourself, and overcome the difficulties of life and the difficult circumstances in which you fall, and it also works to strengthen your relationship with God Almighty, because all people always fall into difficult circumstances Whether these circumstances are at work or at home, there are also distractions that make a person lose confidence in himself or make her shake, and all these circumstances make us move away from God Almighty, but this application gives us many solutions that make us get out of any problem and overcome any difficult circumstances and always get closer to God. God who always guides us to the right path.

This application is an application for meditation and thinking, as it is an Islamic application and a psychotherapist as well, and there are many applications whose goal is to treat mental and psychological health only, but this application is an Islamic application that works to address a lot of matters with closeness to God Almighty because getting closer to God is the first goal in Addressing all matters or facing problems that we encounter in our life and work, this is why this application must be used so that everyone can live in peace.

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This application works on self-management, self-control, and strengthening self-confidence in all the people next to you. It is an application for guided meditation that includes Islamic sessions for senior Muslim therapists and professionals who provide massive educational programs for self-treatment and provide programs for human support so that every person can overcome the difficulties Life and the harsh conditions in which we live, and all these courses and programs are from the Islamic religion so that a person strengthens his relationship with God Almighty and trusts himself and all the people around him.

There are also courses for spiritual reinforcement in this application, as they are provided by well-known scholars and professionals all over the world. They provide content that benefits all people. They are working to provide training courses in an audio way. The duration of this training is an hour divided into several audio clips that benefit everyone who hears it. He will see The person, after hearing that he is another person, returned to psychological peace and drew closer to God Almighty and became able to solve any problem you face, so you can try this matter now and discover all the features in this application.

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Features of the Saber: Muslim Meditation latest version

  • This application is completely free and does not require any subscription fees when downloading.
  • The Saber application works to face all the troubles and problems that we face, whether it is in our daily lives or at work.
  • This application works to bring the servant closer to God Almighty.
  • Within this application, there are famous scholars all over the world who work to provide courses and support in an audio way so that the person reaches psychological peace when hearing these courses.
  • There is also quiet singing and nasheeds from famous scholars.

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