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Shadow fight 2

2.16.2 Android 5.0+
evaluation 9 | 3.1
Fighting game with sword or spear and all white weapons

Shadow Fight 2 is one of the best action games designed for Android and IOS phones, and its first version was released in 2015 AD, and since that time the game has received great demand from fans of action games, and this game was developed by the famous developer NEKKI, as well This game is now available on Google Play for free.

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The Shadow Fight hacked game needs the player to fight with many enemies who have become stronger because of their practice of the game and their acquisition of many new skills through it, and sometimes the bosses pose a great danger to the player, and as for the large and powerful monsters, their desire is to kill in order to obtain victory Hence, the player needs to arm and equip the best armor, while learning some of the most complex skills in order to fight.

From here, the player will be able to reach the legendary gate that leads to his arrival to the other world through evil shadows, and there he will be able to close its doors forever, and after the player is able to win every battle of the game, he will get some coins as a reward for him to be able to During which he buys more weapons and shields, and he can also get many other coins through his fighting style, for example, if he hits his opponent or defeats him without being hit by his opponent, he will get additional coins.

Shadow Fight 2 story

When you start the game, the main character tells her story, as the main character was able to learn oriental martial arts, which helped her achieve the highest skills, and also helped her defeat everyone who attacked her, and she walked the road and killed everyone who attacked her so that she could reach To the deserving antagonist, and she only had to wander around until she could reach the ancient locked-in gates, which had been opened by mistake, making her pay exorbitant sums out of his curiosity, and the demons burst into the world, destroying her body and leaving her soul, and she was transformed into a shadow. It has been sentenced to eternal conflict, hence the role of the hero player who has to fight the demons until they return to their world, and thus all doors will be closed and he will get peace.

Shadow Fight 2 components

The game consists of a number of battles that gradually increase in difficulty, so that the hero becomes like a black shadow. At the beginning of the game, the player does not have a weapon, so he needs training in order to obtain a weapon so that he can fight the demons. The game consists of 7 stages through which the player faces many Enemies and powerful bosses gradually, and there the player acquires new skills, which make him able to use the appropriate reaction, and at each stage the demons are stronger, and the player must know that experience and courage are not enough to deal with demons, and he must first strengthen his shields, so as not to rob the enemies His health through a few fights.

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What’s new in Shadow Fight 2

The control of the Shadow Fight game has become very sensitive, as it has become noticeable from the first seconds when playing the game. The parts of the keyboard and the special joystick are shown, and the style of attacks depends on the weapons and perks that the player gets.

Therefore, the player must be able to play at a non-standard speed and is not accustomed to it, because these battles are an Asian version, the animation and strokes of the characters may seem to slow down a little, and when using any weapon the fighting style will change, in addition to the presence of many weapons that give to the fighting process More excitement and suspense.

Features of downloading Shadow Fight 2 game

Shadow Fight 2 has many features that the player needs, and since the player starts playing this game, he will be able to get unlimited points and gold coins, and the most important features of Shadow Fight 2 are as follows:

  • The possibility of carrying out battles in a variety of different exciting places.
  • The possibility of destroying enemies easily through the control method available in the game.
  • This game is somewhat similar to the terrible game Shadow of Death.
  • The ability to travel to more than 6 different locations in the world in order to fight demons.
  • Enter the game world quickly through high-quality graphics and wonderful and distinct sounds.
  • Determine your fighter by using swords, costumes, shields and magical powers.

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In conclusion, it is easy to download the game Shadow Fight 2 with its latest version, this is the game that many people who love action and adventure games are looking for, in order to engage in a new and exciting game, which carries with it the meanings of fighting, fighting enemies and obtaining more weapons, And shields that add to the game meanings of excitement and suspense.

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