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Works to solve complex issues that pose a challenge in the curriculum

Socratic by Google is one of the best programs available for Android users, as it gives users access to an advanced search engine that uses artificial intelligence to find solutions to their educational problems.

This application also features a wide range of features and advantages that make using it a good choice for students at all academic levels. In this article, we will review the features and advantages of Socratic by Google and how to use it.

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What is a program Socratic by Google?

This application was designed by Google for Android devices and was launched in 2017, and it benefits students in their school tasks by providing the correct answer to mathematical problems under different methods.

Then the program was loved by Android users, and Google quickly bought and acquired the program. Then, the company updated Socratic with a set of tutorials, algorithms, and modern techniques that help students find the answers as best they can. It meticulously uses artificial intelligence to solve various problems and assignments of many disciplines.

It has also been developed using modern technologies and set as an innovative and helpful tool for students. It is like a Google search engine that uses advanced algorithms to display results quickly and with very high accuracy. Through it, you can watch educational videos for various curricula, read articles and topics, and use them as your reference.

Google Socrates Program Socratic by Google helps you to solve all school subjects easily.

Google Socrates program solves complex and challenging issues in the curriculum with ease! Through the program, you can get accurate solutions to math, physics, chemistry, and other issues, as well as educational topics that show you the steps and concepts related to each issue.

So don’t hesitate to try this amazing and useful program! As you can now solve the problem more easily and clearly by using short video clips of professors explaining them on YouTube. It will display these passages based on the problem you entered into the Socratic program.

You can find solutions for all your subject assignments, including algebra, geometry, trigonometry, biology, physics, and history. Feel free to use the Socrates program to find solutions easily.

What scientific subjects are available in the programme Socratic by Google.

The Google Socrates program contains a huge collection of study materials that you can learn easily and for free. You will find specialized study materials in biological sciences, history, literature, engineering, physics, algebra, earth sciences, and many other subjects and many topics that make it easier for you to read and learn.

When you click on any lesson, explanatory articles and videos will appear to help you understand the material better. The site also contains exercises and solutions if the material includes them. If you are looking for a program that contains lessons on various topics in science, you will find on the site what meets your needs and makes it a useful reference for you.

Program properties Socratic by Google for Android

This application has many distinct options that make it one of the most important education programs available, and the most prominent of these characteristics are as follows:

Advanced search engine

As the application uses artificial intelligence to search for answers to various educational questions. It inserts images, mathematical equations, and written text and can recognize them with high accuracy.

Detailed answers

In addition to providing the correct answer, the application also provides detailed and comprehensive answers to the educational questions posed.

Explain the steps

Socrates Google provides detailed steps for solving mathematical, scientific, and literary problems, including calculation procedures and a full explanation of the method used to arrive at the correct solution.

Visual instructions

The app provides educational videos for students and learners in general to help understand educational topics.


This application allows users to share their questions with their fellow students and teachers and get help from them.

What are the features of the program Socratic by Google for Android

  • This application comes completely free of charge, and you can download it through the download links on our website Apkxi
  • User-friendly design The app comes with a simple and eye-pleasing design, which makes it easy to use for users of all ages.
  • Availability on multiple platforms In addition to Android, the application can be downloaded to other platforms such as iOS and the web.
  • Reliability of the answers, the application is based on a huge database of educational resources, which makes the answers more reliable and accurate.
  • It does not require a subscription fee or anything else, as the application allows users to use all its features for free and without any fees.
  • A fun learning experience, the app helps students and learners improve their learning skills in a fun and innovative way.

in conclusion

Socratic by Google is an excellent application for students and learners who are looking for answers to their educational questions easily and quickly. The application has unique characteristics and features that make it one of the best options in this field, and it can be downloaded for free on Android and other platforms. Therefore, we advise everyone to try this application and benefit from its advantages in improving their educational level and answering their questions easily and quickly.

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