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Solar Smash

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One of the best fun simulation games ever

Download the Solar Smash game for Android, with a direct link. It is one of the best strategy games that puts you under a strong challenge, which is trying to control an entire planet and even destroy it and eliminate all the creatures that reside on it.

The gameplay inside the Solar Smash game for Android is completely different from any other game, and you can notice this by starting with it.

Download Solar Smash for Android with a direct link

The game begins to find yourself on a planet at the beginning, and you will be a person within the planet and after that you can change the planet you want, on both sides of the screen you can notice the control buttons.

Each of the buttons is capable of launching a different attack from the other button so that you can destroy the planets as you want, and you will also enjoy a number of weapons such as lasers, black holes or deadly missiles.

Then you start entering into fierce confrontations with a number of other planets, and the way to play here lies in controlling the planet until it is converted into crumbs, and of course all the creatures in it are eliminated.

And enjoy Solar Smash game for Android With a very important feature, which is the appearance of the planets, each planet comes in three dimensions, so you feel as if you are fighting a real planet, and thus you get an interesting and unique experience.

On the other hand, at the bottom of the phone screen, you will find a frame that shows you the number of residents residing on a planet, where the number of residents that you have eliminated and the number of the surviving population are shown.

Also, the lighted places on the map represent to you the number and density of the population in a certain area of ​​the planet, so you have to gather all your powers and focus to try to eliminate those areas as well and win the stages.

The game in general gives you a number of advantages in addition to the fun and suspense that you feel while playing, and of course we cannot overlook the distinctive visual effects as you get a wider scope that helps you see the maximum extent of your goals.

Features of downloading Solar Smash apk Solar Smash for mobile

Like we said Solar Smash Solar Smash apk Android gives us a number of great features, which we will get to know through the following points:

  • The game is based on a completely new idea, which is to try to destroy the planets, and all the creatures that reside on them, and to completely end life on them.
  • The game gives you up to nine planets to choose from, but at the beginning of the game you find yourself on planet Earth.
  • It gives you a number of deadly and offensive weapons for easy elimination of planets, including laser beams and deadly missiles
  • The planet is eliminated by directing all weapons at it, including meteorites, missiles and black holes.
  • With the passage of time and following the best fighting strategies and getting many points, you can count on the space creatures to destroy the planets
  • The graphics of the game are presented in 3D with visual effects that make you see the magnificence of the planets and the distinctive elements of outer space.

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Solar Smash game for Android

Solar Smash for Android gives you a great number of options to choose what you want from them depending on your fighting strategy, the more damage you cause to the planets the more you can win and get more points.

The game includes two levels, either playing alone, but with progress, you will need to follow better and stronger combat strategies. You can also play with some friends, and you must complete the task required of you in full.

The game is divided into five different stages. At the beginning of the game, you have to choose one of these stages, and as you continue to play, the game begins to get more difficult, so you have to pay attention and focus well.

When you can complete the five stages completely, you are immediately taken to the next level. The game works simply on Android phones, and its size is appropriate, so you will not find obstacles when downloading and starting it.

Download Solar Smash for Android

You can get the game easily by clicking on the link at the top, where you can download it directly through the Play Store in a few seconds and start playing immediately.

The latest version of the game is downloaded that includes all the features that make it easier for you to play with installation automatically on the surface of the phone, with very bright lights for clearer vision.

In conclusion, Solar Smash for Android is a game dedicated to destroying planets that gives you the ability to use whatever weapons and future technologies you want in order to achieve the goal you aspire to and get closer to the winning streak faster.

The more you advance in the game, the higher the number of points and rewards you will get to be able to develop your skills and improve your fighting equipment.

You can customize the game settings and its graphics to suit your way of playing and it does not contain ads, but we must pay close attention as it is not suitable for those under fifteen years of age.

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