Sora, by OverDrive Education

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Sora, by OverDrive Education

5.3.1 Android 4.4 and later
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This application contains a library full of audiobooks, which is very cool.

Sora, by OverDrive Education application for Android This application works to borrow audio e-books from your school library or from any library on social networking sites, so that you can enjoy reading the content you love or reading the curriculum you study, and not always going to the school library and wasting great time At school, you can do all these things while you are sitting at home freely and read all the books that you want to read or study. This application is familiar with all electronic offices, so it makes you reach them easily and appreciate all the contents inside them. It is also characterized by listening to books aloud instead of reading. And looking a lot in the light of the phone that gets tired of the eye, it is a convenient application that makes many things easier for you.

Sora, by OverDrive Education Android app

If you are a student or a person who loves to read and understand many books, this application is perfect for you, as it makes you borrow all e-books from your school library or all e-offices on the Internet so that you can enjoy reading the books inside them, and this application is also characterized by that it makes you read books And you can hear it audio if you do not like to look a lot at the light of the phone, and inside it there is a special and comprehensive library of many books specialized in science and others, so you can choose what you prefer from them and you can also download them to your device with ease.

This application is characterized by downloading books that you want to read on your phone, if you are busy at this time when you have the Internet and you cannot read or hear books, you can download them to your phone so that you can return to them at any time without the Internet and read or listen to them in a simple way, it is the best and different application For all applications similar to it, it is characterized by many features that you do not find in any other application. You can download it to your phone and enjoy all the books inside it or the books on other electronic offices.

Download the Sora, by OverDrive Education app for Android

Through this application, you can borrow e-books in your school by logging in to your school on this application, and then this application works to download the e-library of this school simply, so you can read them or listen to these books audio, and this matter does not need to be explained. Easy and simple, you can deal with the application from the first time after downloading.

You can also register any school on this application if you have its own account. After registration, this application works to access the electronic library of this school and download all the books in it so that you can benefit from them in your studies or read your favorite stories and books. It is a comprehensive and complete application that makes you benefit From it and do not waste your time and effort to go to school or sit for a long time after the end of the school day in the library, you can do all this while you are in the comfort of your home and enjoy reading books or listening to them audio.

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Sora, by OverDrive Education latest version features

  • You can borrow the books you like and start reading with just one click.
  • This is an application that converts e-books into an audio recording so that you can enjoy listening to it and not looking at the phone for a long time.
  • This app is the premium built-in e-book reader which has a beautiful and crisp audio player.
  • You can register the account of your school so that it locates the school’s electronic library and takes advantage of the books in it for education or for understanding and reading.
  • This application works not to waste time and great effort that we do after the end of school hours and sitting in the school library to read.
  • You can download any book from within the e-library on your phone so that you can go back to reading it at any time without the Internet.

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