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Steel And Flesh 2

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An exciting war and strategy game

You can download Steel And Flesh 2 for Android which is an impressive war and fighting game released by the Russian game developer VirtualStudio that gives players the chance to enjoy playing with the ancient and historical war modes.

And if you want to download the game on your Android device, you are in the right place. In this article, we will give you some features and features to download Steel And Flesh 2 for Android, direct download links, and more.

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You have a great opportunity to visit the Middle Ages, namely in the year 1212, when the Mongol Empire was getting stronger in Asia and the Crusades were in full swing in the Middle East.

Therefore, in this game, now you have at your disposal a huge map of the world that includes 20 major countries, and you also have the right to swear allegiance to any country and quickly become its king, or create your own, and seize more lands.

In addition, you always have the opportunity to fight against bandits and earn money by selling loot. Buying land and starting a business will allow you to live a comfortable life. Besides navigating the global map, no matter what the battle is on the battlefield, you can take part in the battle with your army at any time. Open or besiege a city, castle, port or village.

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Game properties Steel And Flesh 2 for Android

The game has many endless features and features, the most prominent of which are the following:

Start your own legends

Only through this game you will own a huge global map with more than 20 levels for easy enjoyment, and therefore you do not have to worry about choosing your favorite state, as immediately you can take an oath of allegiance and become their king. Or you can choose to create your own kingdom and start your journey to forge a legendary empire.

To network Capture territories, claim new resources and riches, build your mighty army, and start creating your own legend!

Massive battles with hundreds of characters

Only here is the most ambitious and realistic 3D first-person combat since you can personally take part in the battle of up to 300 people on the battlefield.

Thus for those of you who are interested in large-scale medieval warfare, you will find yourself most impressed with this game, as you will have no problem exploring the game’s huge battlefield, which can accommodate up to hundreds of characters fighting simultaneously. Here, players can take charge of their army and lead their forces into battle. Explore different locations with city sieges, castles, ports, villages or field battles

In addition, you will be able to enjoy the great battles in the game, where you can use different units, including swordsmen, pikemen, archers, crossbows, knights, and more. Explore different combat mechanics and battle formations, and fully enjoy the game’s exciting battles.

Siege of forts

Take part in the biggest castle siege on your own. Sieges will be very realistic, with battering rams, siege towers and catapults. Defenders will shoot arrows at you while pushing siege guns against walls.

global map

There is the largest map of the world here where the 20 great countries that really existed in the Middle Ages are located on a huge map of the world. You can join any of them and lead a military campaign at any given time, or create your own empire.

Armor and weapons

In Steel And Flesh 2 there are tons of armor and weapons so you will have the opportunity to use any kind of armor, with plenty of helmets, suits, boots and shields at your disposal. Don’t forget about weapons, you will find everything you want, swords, spears, maces, axes, clubs, bows, spears, spears and even axes.

Possibility to play online

The most epic online battles only exist in this game where you can swing swords with your friends. Also, players from all over the world will try to beat you. In online mode, you can then equip your character with any armor and weapons you want.

Build your own empire

You will start from the ground up, and you will have nothing, but one day you will capture your first city, which will make a profit. When you have many cities and castles, neighboring countries see the threat and declare war. In fierce battles and sieges, you will crush any opponent. Cities will be destroyed and gentlemen will call you their king, they will bear your standard flag! ! !

Diversity of skills

The skill system is the most realistic and advanced especially with character development, as there are 5 basic skills that allow you to define your character, strong or agile, smart, hardworking or charismatic? You must continue to develop another 30 skills for your hero. If you fail to improve your skills to this level you can always visit the pub and hire companions with some responsibilities if you want.

Lots of landscaping

Many, many realistic landscapes where you will participate in tons of battles in different landscapes from different parts of the world. It’s a snowy winter in the north and a hot desert in the south, and if you fight in the mountains, the battlefield is the mountains. Realistic weather conditions will immerse you in the real battle atmosphere.

Participate in stories with interesting dialogues

Interested friends, you can now invest in the wonderful story of “Steel and Flesh 2”, allowing players to explore the wonderful medieval adventure gameplay more freely. You’ll find yourself traveling across continents, exploring new regions, engaging in interesting conversations with NPCs, and just having fun with the gameplay.

Enjoy playing many great tournaments

In addition to the standard online battles, Flesh and Steel 2 players can choose to participate in exciting tournaments where they can put their skills and abilities to the ultimate test. Enjoy the exciting action and strategy game Steel And Flesh 2 anytime anywhere. Enjoy competing with the best players from around the world, show your ingenuity and hone your skills. Defeat other opponents to win the final reward.

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