Survival Squad:Commando Secret Mission

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Survival Squad:Commando Secret Mission

1.0.5 Android 4.4+
evaluation 5 | 2.2
Best 3D action, shooting and adventure game

Now you can Download Survival Squad: Commando Secret Mission for Android The survival squad game is the best action, shooting, action and adventure game in 3D with excellent features and controls, developed by Glaciers Game, where users can play against each other and compete in order to win and ultimately win.

Download Survival Squad: Commando Secret Mission for Android, with a direct link

The era of modern warfare has begun again after the enemy spread weapons on the ground around your base, and your secret mission now in the game Survival Squad: Commando Secret Mission is to eliminate the army, land their convoys and control the entire battlefield

You will enter into secret missions with your alpha teammates. In addition, you will be provided with high-tech auto guns, assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, pistols and other advanced weapons, as well as modern vehicles.

Thus, you must develop your fighting skills while getting ready to make your victory massive and unparalleled

Features of Survival Squad:Commando Secret Mission for mobile

In the interest of the game developers to add excitement and suspense to the players, a lot of fun and endless features have been added, the most important of which are the following:

Shoot and survive

The idea of ​​the game depends entirely on staying alive and continuing to play, so it will be the task of the players in Survival SquadCommando Secret Mission Shoot and reach enemy positions and join the commando army fighter in order to be a part of this revolution

An arsenal of weapons

includes a game Survival Squad:Commando Secret Mission apk Mobile has a huge arsenal and a huge number of modern and advanced weapons, starting from pistols, as well as rifles, grenades, missiles and other types of weapons that can be chosen easily.

Different game levels and harder challenges

In the game Survival Squad:Commando Secret Mission, each level is designed in a unique and distinctive way, and the tasks to be performed are completely different from the rest of the other tasks.

Besides, the enemy has become stronger and has the most powerful firearms in their hands, and their main mission is to fight without hesitation, so you must be more careful while performing your mission

Easy control and smooth controls

Creates Survival SquadCommando Secret Mission is the best shooting experience with a 3D perspective ever, and the reason behind this is the modern and advanced controls that have become dependent on artificial intelligence for more freedom and better control of the game characters

specialized teams

The survival squad here has special strength and specific skills in addition to that it specializes in abseiling, skydiving. Move along the path and hide from enemies

Take the initiative now to join the most powerful combat squad ever and train yourself in assault missions and unconventional and high-value targets in order to win the mission and win many rewards

Mission based on a true story

Your main task in Survival Squad:Commando Secret Mission is to work in secret combat and raiding and reconnaissance in the front lines is also part of your main mission

You must hide well so that the enemy does not reach you, and also focus all your mission to reach the center of the enemy and start fighting in an unimaginable way.
Many tasks

In the Survival Squad game, there are many different and varied tasks that you must enter and complete correctly, as follows:

  • battle royale
  • direct action
  • quick match
  • You do not need to connect to the Internet

Survival Squad:Commando Secret Mission for Android is based on completing unique missions based on realistic stories, while experiencing war types of missions and other types of survival, all this and more in offline mode

Allowing players to continue fighting anytime and anywhere without interruption and without getting bored
Combat skills training

Here you are among the strongest firing squad ever, and you will face the strongest and fiercest enemies, and in light of its possession of advanced firearms, you must, then, continuously train in combat skills in order to upgrade your level of performance in the game and also gain experiences that will enable you to control the battlefield

And with the progression in the levels, you will get a lot of money, rewards and valuable prizes, not to mention the badges assigned to the team. You will be able to use that money to upgrade your performance and skill level and get the best firearms ever.

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Features of the game Survival Squad for Android

It comes completely free of charge, and you can download Survival Squad:Commando Secret Mission for Android through the links on our website apkxi

  • A lot of multiple battlefields have been added that can be entered directly and without any restrictions
  • The surrounding environment has been provided with a lot of sound and visual effects, which give the game a character of excitement and suspense
  • The game has a lot of animations that are designed in 3D shapes to give the game a realistic feel to a large extent
  • Adding new modes of play, as well as the mode of not having to connect to the Internet
  • Many modern weapons and vehicles

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