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Sweat Wallet

15.1 Android 4.4 and later
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This application helps you to move in a continuous way.

Sweat Wallet application for Android This application is an electronic wallet through which many points can be earned that are converted into cash, and this matter is by following the sport of walking, this application makes you maintain your health by following the walking every day and through the application of walking is done Calculating the number of hours you walked and counting them into points, and through the Sweat Wallet application, these points are transferred into currencies that you can withdraw from this electronic wallet with ease, as it is a program application for profit by following the sport of walking, and we will explain how to benefit from this program in detail in the coming lines.

Sweat Wallet app for Android

This application is one of the best applications that you can earn money through, by walking, as it is one of the most popular applications that are used globally, because it gives the user a lot of virtual digital currencies, and through this application these digital currencies are converted into real money, and one of its advantages Also, it is completely free when downloading and does not require any fees or monthly subscription, as it is a unique application that has been downloaded by many people from all over the world and this indicates its wide popularity and credibility, so everyone can benefit from it now and maintain health as well.

This application aims to maintain the health of all people through the sport of walking. It is known that walking renews blood circulation and gives vitality and activity to the body. It also works to reduce the accumulated fat in the body. Walking is one of the best exercises that are recommended by all clinical nutrition doctors globally. All people walk through points that are automatically converted into real money that the person can use, as he encourages walking so that everyone has better health.

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This application is a system that encourages movement continuously, and this application has been known for many years, but it has been developed further in order to work to help all people in movement continuously and not to be lazy, and this application was previously not working to convert the digital points in it into money, but after Developed, the Sweat Wallet application was created to be an electronic wallet, in which the digital points are converted into a Sweet Coin currency, which the person can use as real money and money that he uses in buying and selling on an ongoing basis.

This application helped all people that live on this planet in maintaining their health and also helped them collect a lot of money that helps them in living. So that they walk more and maintain their health, and this application is completely safe. There are no fears or threats of any kind. It does not harm the user, does not harm the device, and maintains its privacy and accounts in a large way, without any harm.

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Sweat Wallet app features latest version

  • This is a completely free application and does not require any payer or subscription fees upon downloading.
  • This application has been downloaded by many people from all over the world and this indicates its popularity and credibility.
  • This application stimulates the sport of walking by giving real money that the person can use and deal with.
  • This application is completely safe in which there is no harm to the user or his phone, as it preserves his privacy and prevents it from being hacked.
  • This application does not contain annoying ads when in use.

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